FUTINA Strength


Factory Show of Futina

Futina Wiring Devices Factory
Futina Wiring Devices Workshop
Futina Wiring Devices Work Place
Futina Wiring Devices Workshop
Futina Wiring Devices Workshops
Futina Wiring Devices Worker
Futina Wiring Devices Manufacturer


Quality Control of Futina

  • Excellent Structure and High Quality Material

    Excellent product structure design lays the foundation for high-quality products, and high-quality materials provide guarantee for high-quality products .

  • Professional Quality Control Team

    At each stage of product production, there are professional quality inspectors to inspect and determine the quality of the product to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of customers.

  • The National Laboratory with CNAS Certificate

    Own professional testing equipment and testers to ensure that products meet customer standard requirements.


Honor Certificates of Futina

  • Power Strip Manufacturer
  • Power Strip Factory
  • Power Strip Supplier
  • Power Strip With Usb And Usb C
  • Smart Usb Power Strip
  • Adjustable Power Strip


Aug 28, 2023

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