Benefits of Futina's LED Home Lighting

  • Energy Save

    Due to the current is small, low voltage, high brightness, its brightness is much higher than incandescent lamp, than the same lighting effect of ordinary light source energy saving 80 to 90 percent.

  • Long Lifespan

    The components of and the way that they light extend the lifespan of them, and their service life is generally over 20,000 hours.

  • High Luminous Efficiency

    LED light efficiency can reach 50-200lm/W, and the light monochromatic, narrow spectrum, without filtering can directly emit colored visible light  

How to Choose Lighting for Home

LED light efficiency can reach 50-200lm/W, and the light monochromatic, narrow spectrum, without filtering can directly emit colored visible light  

  • ​Space


    To make sure you get the best lighting, you need to measure the size of your room before choosing the right lighting. If you want a light style, choose a large one. If you want a heavy style, you need to reduce the size.

  • Environment


    Each room requires ambient or general lighting. It provides a comfortable overall light level. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, choose different lamps.

  • Conbination


    There should be a balance between architectural lighting and decorative lighting, different types of lighting have different functions, lighting needs to serve aesthetic purposes, and just the combination of different types of lighting can create an incredible atmosphere.

  • Focus Point

    Focus Point

    If lighting needs to be the only source of space, and the style is striking; Like foyers, walk-in closets, stairwells, go for something big and bold that fills a space with light and sparkle.

  • Safety and Environmental Protection

    Safety and Environmental Protection

    In addition to aesthetic, the reliability of the product also needs special attention. Choosing high-quality safety products can provide security for future use.

Quality Testing of Futina's LED Home Lighting
Quality Testing of Futina's LED Home Lighting

Quality Testing of Futina's LED Home Lighting

The outstanding quality control of FUTINA LED lighting are ensured by the our own CNAS standard labtory and quality department strictly control since the raw-materials to the finished products.

Quality Testing of Futina's LED Home Lighting
NOTest item itemTest methods and standard requirements
1Wet testIn humidity 95%,temperature 40Ignition point at ℃48h, the electric strength test is carried out immediately after the test is completed, and it should be able to pass  .
2Insulation resistanceInsulation resistance≥4MQ.
3Electric strengthThe electric strength is applied with ACI.5kV voltage, the leakage current is 5mA, and there is no flashover or breakdown phenomenon in Im in.
4Glow wire testSatisfy 650°C glow wire test.
5Abnormal stateAt the end of the abnormal state test period, there should be no smoke or flammable gas generated.
6Low temperature and low pressureTemperature is-20℃ in the refrigerator4hours, applied160Vvoltage, the lamp should be able to1sThe internal startup is lit, there is no burnout, or   starts slowly or cannot be started. There are a lot of switch tests in the period20Second-rate.
7High temperature durabilityHigh temperature 75℃±1℃, low pressure 72h, normal pressure 24h, high pressure 72h. During the test, the low-voltage switch was impacted 16 times, the normal-pressure switch was impacted 8 times, and the high-voltage switch was impacted 16 times, and the impact time was 5-10 seconds of turning off the lights. During the test, the lamps should not be burnt out, and the lamps and lanterns should not be deformed or dropped after the test.
8Switch test235V/AC/50Hzvoltage and normal temperature, turn on and off each15s, this cycle repeats15000After the test, the lamps should be able to work normally.
9Temperature rise of key componentsUnder normal temperature 25℃, work normally for 4 hours under the maximum rated load, chip≤90℃, MOS tube≤90℃, bridge stack <90℃, transformer 90℃, output diode≤90℃, input electrolytic capacitor <85℃, output electrolytic Capacitance≤85℃, common mode inductance<85℃, X capacitor<80℃, I-shaped inductance<80℃, LED pin temperature should not exceed 90℃, H meets the requirements of "Product Specification".

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