Futina is one of professional electrical switch and socket manufacturers since 1995. We have a complete range designs, including Italian type, American type, British UK type, and European type. etc. Different countries have socket types and different preferences. Italian series we are good sale in Italy, South America, Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam. etc. UK type series mainly for Africa and the Middle East. American type series mainly for the U.S.A. and South America market European series mainly for Europe countries.

When it comes to switch and socket electrical wholesalers, Futina stands as a trusted switch & socket manufacturers known for superior quality, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service. Futina believes that switch and socket electrical wholesalers will think carefully to ensure they are partnering with reliable suppliers who offer high-quality products. With our extensive product range, commitment to quality, and focus on customer satisfaction, we are the ideal partner for switch and socket electrical wholesalers seeking reliable, high-performance electrical products. Experience the switch socket company Futina difference and elevate your electrical projects with our exceptional switches and sockets.

Different Categories of Futina's wholesale switches and sockets

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Get in Touch with Futina

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May 19, 2024

Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Industries and Future Development of Exhaust Fan for Home Use
Exhaust fan for home use are mainly installed on the walls or windows in daily life, playing the role of ventilation and exhaust. Exhaust fan for home use can effectively regulate indoor air and creat...
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