How to Install LED Panel Light

How to Install LED Panel Light How to install panel light?

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    Cut Off the Power Supply

    Cut off the power supply before installation and maintenance. Before the device is powered on, ensure that cables are properly connected.

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    Enough Space

    Ensure that the product has enough space for heat dissipation. Ensure that the fixture is not covered with insulation pads or thin layers of material at all times.

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    Remove stucco from ceiling

    Remove stucco from ceiling and input the main AC wire of the driver terminal block separately, connect the panel lamp and the driver.

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    Fix panel light to plaster ceiling

    Fix panel light to plaster ceiling. And then ensure that the LED panel lamp is entirely fixed, and turn on the power supply.

Hot Questions of LED Panel Light

  • What is difference between panel light and down light?

    Most LED panel lights use side-light technology. Light guide panels and diffuser panels gather light together to create a very soft light in the room.

    When we talk about LED down lights, it's direct light. It has an LED in the middle, so it produces brighter light compared to LED panel light

  • Are LED panel lights good?

    LED Panel light can provide brighter light than fluorescent lamp, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, good heat dissipation, impact resistance and so on.

  • What is recessed LED panel?

    Recessed LED ceiling panels require cutting a hole in the ceiling to a panel light of a specific size that can be easily embedded into that hole. Due to its ultra-thin design, FOS LED panel lights, once installed, provide a unified look.

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