Types of Wiring Devices

Wiring devices are electrical components or devices that are used to connect electrical conductors and create a safe and reliable electrical circuit. Today FUTINA will take you on a quick journey into wiring devices types. Wiring equipment includes a wide variety of items and appliances such as electrical outlets, wall plates, switches, dimmers, time switches, sensors, light sockets, electrical boxes, plugs, connectors, and more. Wiring devices can be used for protection or as connection and control points for outlets, lighting and appliances in a home or business. Wiring fixtures will ensure your lines remain connected and controlled, even in extreme situations.

  • Switches and Sockets

    Switches and Sockets

  • Power Track Outlet

    Power Track Outlet

  • Power Strip

    Power Strip

  • Ceiling Mounting Ground Box & Outlet

    Ceiling Mounting Ground Box & Outlet

  • Circuit Breaker

    Circuit Breaker

  • Electrical Power Distribution Box

    Electrical Power Distribution Box

  • Wall Ventilation Exhaust Fan

    Wall Ventilation Exhaust Fan

  • LED Home Lighting

    LED Home Lighting

Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices

  • Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices

    Strong and Skilled R&D team

    Own 130 Enginners and 138 Patents granted, and Annual R & D investment reaches more than 10,000,000 RMB.

  • Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices

    Innovative and Professional

    27+years experience on the wiring devices, we have always pursuit of excellence and innovative products which enable to provide much more experience to the end user.

  • Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices

    100% quality inspection and 10 years warranty

    10 years warranty commitment to all FUTINA customers, and our quality checking team checks every items before shipping, and we have a professional CNAS laboratory which insure our products pass the international standard requirement, and it can work for long lifespan.

  • Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices
  • Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices
  • Advantage of Futina Wiring Devices

Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier

Futina is a professional manufacturer and exporter in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling wiring devices and electrical products, with industry zone of 80,000m², over 1300 employees and annual production capacity of 100,000,000 pcs.

  • Wiring Devices Injection Workshop
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier
    Injection Workshop

    There are 37 automatic injection machines and 30 semi-automatic injection machines, two shifts for workers, daily output is 1.5 million pcs and monthly productivity is around 40 million pcs.

  • Wiring Devices Hardware Workshop
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier
    Hardware Workshop-1

    There are 30 punching machines and monthly productivity is around 45 million pcs.

  • Wiring Devices Hardware Workshop
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier
    Hardware Workshop-2

    There are 29 automatic machines and 39 semi-automatic machines, monthly productivity is around 18 million pcs.

  • Wiring Devices Mould  Workshop
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier
    Mould Workshop

    Mainly for moulds modification, maintenance and repair.

  • Wiring Devices Assembly Workshop
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier
    Assembly Workshop

    There are 65 production lines and 600 workers, monthly productivity is around 7.5 million pcs.

  • Wiring Devices National-Approved Laboratory
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier
    National-Approved Laboratory

    There are 1,000m²  plant area and 200 test machines. Futina laboratory center had gotten the CNAS certificate which granted the quanlification of testing.

  • Wiring Devices Warehouse
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier

    There are around 4,000m² plant area.

  • Wiring Devices Showroom
    Futina-Reliable Wiring Devices Supplier

    There are 800m² plant area where displayed all FUTINA electrical products and honors. It records FUTINA's growth and achievements. 

Why Are Wiring Devices Important? 

Wiring equipment provides the proper controls and connections for your electrical equipment and wiring. Wiring devices are needed to enable efficient, reliable and safe electrical wiring connections in your home or business. They protect electrical circuits from fire and shock hazards. Failure to place proper wiring equipment in your commercial, residential or industrial property can put your family, employees or customers at risk. A wiring device can provide peace of mind knowing that your home or business's electrical system is safe and under control. FUTINA is a professional wiring devices manufacturer and we can provide you various types of wiring devices.

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