How do You Decide between LED Tube and LED Fixture?

How do You Decide between LED Tube and LED Fixture? How do You Decide between LED Tube and LED Fixture?

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    Lighting Efficiency

    If not replaced, yellowish or cracked accessories may interfere with your lighting efficiency. You should seriously consider LED fixtures because that will maximize efficiency.

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    Economic Consideration

    There is no doubt that LED fixture can takes you lots of light efficiency, however there are some great low-cost LED tubes on the market that can save your money. It depends on your economic consideration.

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    Avoid the Major Capital Expenditure

    If you are slowly upgrading to led because existing lights burn out to avoid the major capital expenditure of retrofitting, then LED tubes is more likely a better solution for you.

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    Efficiency or Energy control

    If you must meet stringent efficiency or energy control request, the better you can replace the fixture entirely. At present, the newly launched LED lamps have more advanced energy efficiency control scheme that help meet stringent requirements.

Hot Questions of LED Tube and Fixture

  • Can you put an LED tube in a fluorescent fixture?

    The new linear LED tube is simple plug and play and ballast compatible. All you need to do is take off your fluorescent lights and plug it in the LED fixture.

  • How do I know if my LED tube is single or double ended?

    An easy way to know if you have a single-ended tube is to look for L/N or AC input tags at the end of the tube. Since the single-end power supply pipe uses only one side of the pipe, the live and neutral power supply will be on the same side, but with different pins.

  • Can you mix LED and fluorescent lights on same circuit?

    Yes, you can mix led with other types of bulbs. The most important thing is to make sure all fixtures are of the same type.

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