Types of Electrical Switches and Sockets

Futina designer electrical outlets and switches advantages

Futina is a professional designer and manufacturer of electrical outlets and switches. They specialize in creating high-quality and innovative products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Futina offers a wide range of electrical outlets and switches, including quality designer wall sockets, stylish electrical outlets and more. They are known for their attention to detail and commitment to using only the best materials in their products.

One of the key features of Futina's products is their focus on energy efficiency. Many of their outlets and switches are designed to help consumers reduce their energy consumption, which can lead to lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Futina is a trusted name in the electrical industry, known for their innovative designs, high-quality products, and commitment to sustainability.

Futina's Tips to install Electrical Switches and Sockets

Futina's Tips to install Electrical Switches and Sockets How to Choose Electrical Switches and Sockets for Home

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    Switch and Socket Design

    Switches and sockets are an important part of home decoration. You need to consider whether the appearance of the product matches your furniture style before buying a switch and socket. Different designs, colors and materials will make the switch and socket look different style, fashion, elegant, lively or noble...Futina's electrical sockets and switches have variety of options for cover plate and customized colors, you can decorate your home however you want.

  • 02

    Quality and Materials

    Choose electrical sockets and switches, absolutely can not have any fluke, safety is the most important factor in choosing switch socket products, excellent product structure, high quality fireproof plastic, good electrification of copper, determine the product of high safety products. Futina always put this in the first place, all switch sockets can pass the IEC standard test.

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    Child Safety

    For households with children (which means all households at some point in time), child safety is a fundamental concern. Having shock-proof switch covers and shuttered sockets gives you one less thing to worry about when a toddler is around. So that you know, all Futina's switch and socket with Child Safe features and support devices.

  • 04

    Smart home

    Technology is changing with each passing day, and switch and socket products are also advancing with the times. Smart switches and sockets, which can be remotely controlled, and can be controlled by Bluetooth or WIFI, will make your life more convenient and full of more possibilities. Futina has developed Italian standard and British standard smart switch sockets and hot saling!

Hot Questions of Electrical Switches and Sockets

  • What are the types of electrical switches?

    Italian standard, British standard and European standard:Italian Standard Electrical Switches: In Italy, the electrical switches are typically made to conform with the CEI 23-50 standard; British Standard Electrical Switches: In the UK, the electrical switches are designed to conform with the BS 1363 standard; European Standard Electrical Switches: In Europe, the electrical switches are designed to conform with the EN 60669-1 standard.

  • Are there different kinds of socket outlets and switches?

    socket outlets type: German socket, British socketg, Italian socket, French socket, American socket, Russian socket, Israel socket, universal socket, European and American socket, 3-round pin socket.

    Switch type: 1 gang to 4 gangs switch, 1 way and 2 ways, doorbell switch, 4 direction switch, double pole switch, swith or doorbell with lamp, 10A, 16A, 20A,32A, 45A.

  • Products Warranty

    10 years for electrical sockets and switches.

  • If you accept the customized order?

    Acceptable, logo, color, packing are customized, if the customer is willing to invest, Futina can customize a product with a new structure.

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