Benefits of Futina's Circuit Breaker Wholesale

  • High Breaking Capacity


  • Mechanical Life

    10000 times

  • Wide Range Working Temperature


How does Circuit Breakers Work?


  • ​latch Arrangement

    ​latch Arrangement

    It consists of a bimetallic strip and a plunger arrangement inside. Also, there is a latch arrangement made to hold the contacts closed, when it is turned ON.

  • Heated Up

    Heated Up

    The bimetallic strip is designed to carry a specific amount of current through it. When the current flowing through it exceeds the limit, the bimetallic strip gets heated up and it bends. 

  • Bend


    As it bends, it knocks down the latch holding the contacts. Higher the current faster shall be the operation.

  • Maximum Limit

    Maximum Limit

    Similarly, during short circuits, the current flowing through the miniature circuit breaker shall be several times the maximum limit.

  • Opens the Contacts

    Opens the Contacts

    This activates the plunger arrangement instantaneously, which in turn knocks down the latch and opens the contacts. This is how a miniature circuit breaker works.

Quality Testing of Futina's Circuit Breaker Wholesale
Quality Testing of Futina's Circuit Breaker Wholesale

Quality Testing of Futina's Circuit Breaker Wholesale

Breaking Capacity4KA/6KARated Current6A~63A
Rated Frequency (Hz)50/60HzRated Insulation Voltage(Ui)5oov
Working Temperature-5°C~40℃Mechanical Life10000
Protection LevelIP20InstallationDin rail

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Get in Touch with Futina

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