What's RCCB Circuit Breaker?

RCCB circuit breakers are leakage circuit breakers with overcurrent protection. They are designed to ensure the safe operation of circuits by triggering the disconnection of power when a current fault is detected. These devices are primarily used for the combined protection of overloads and ground leakage short circuits.

How Does RCCB Circuit Breaker Work?

As mentioned earlier, RCCB circuit breakers protect against two types of current faults. The first type of fault is a leakage or leakage of electricity. This can occur when a circuit is interrupted unexpectedly, which can be caused by wiring errors or personal manipulation (e.g., cutting cables with an electric fence cutter). If the power is not disconnected, the user may receive a fatal electric shock.

Another type of fault is current overload, which can occur in the form of an overload or a short circuit. In the first case, the transmitted power exceeds the rated capacity due to too many electronic devices connected to the circuit. Short circuits can also be caused by insufficient effectiveness of the circuit resistance and excessive current multiplication. This risk is more serious than current overload.

How to Install RCCB Circuit Breaker?

Before installation, please ensure that the earth leakage circuit breaker provides at least 10mA protection, is rated at 25A and is certified by SRIM to provide class a protection. You will also need to be prepared to connect the fire and zero wires. You will need to use a screwdriver to safely connect the residual current circuit breaker. When the power is off, you must use the stylus to ensure that the circuit is not energized.

In order to ensure that the RCCB circuit breaker is working properly, you must ensure that the wiring is correct. Connect the cables to the corresponding terminals and tighten them with a screwdriver. Then connect the ground wire of the earth leakage circuit breaker to the terminal and tighten it with a screwdriver. You can then proceed to turn on RCCB circuit breaker and connect the power supply to the unit. Tap the earth leakage circuit breaker test button to confirm that the connection has been disconnected and then check the status of the installation. In some cases, it may be necessary to reconnect the terminals.

Advantages of Futina's RCCB Circuit Breaker

Futina RCCB circuit breaker has won the favor of a large number of users in the market for its excellent performance and stable quality. With efficient residual current detection and fast cut-off function, this product can effectively prevent electrical accidents and ensure electrical safety. Meanwhile, Futina RCCB circuit breaker also has overload protection function, which can automatically cut off the power supply when the circuit is overloaded and protect the electrical equipment from damage. In addition, the design of Futina RCCB circuit breaker emphasizes on user experience and easy operation and installation, which can meet the needs of different users. In the market, Futina RCCB circuit breakers have won a good reputation for their excellent performance and reliable quality, and have become the brand of choice for many users. Futina will continue to commit to product innovation and quality improvement to provide users with safer and more reliable electrical protection solutions.

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