LED Ceiling Light vs Downlight

LED Ceiling Light vs Downlight

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    The Installation Location

    The installation location of downlight is very different from that of ceiling lamp. normally Downlight is installed on the inner side of the ceiling, and it is mostly installed on the sides, so it is not easy to see the lamp shell. but The ceiling lamp is installed on the ceiling surface as a kind of decorative product, and the shell lampshade can be seen.

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    The downlight in the lighting direction is downward and has a spot effect. It is generally used as an auxiliary lamp to create a warm indoor atmosphere. but the light of ceiling lamp is scattered, which can make the whole room very bright.

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    Style Requirement

    Style requirement is difference, as the downlight belongs to internal installation, so there are no great requirements for the decoration style of the room. but The ceiling lamp is mainly installed in the center of the room to play the role of main lighting, and its lampshade shell is outside, so it has high requirements for the decoration style of the room. Before choosing ceiling lamps, we need to consider the decoration style of the room, otherwise it will affect the overall aesthetic effect. and the most important one is the use of LED ceiling lamps. The decorative effect of the ceiling lamps is warm and romantic in the bedroom.

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    Other Details

    For other details, the downlight must be installed inside, while the ceiling lamp can be directly installed on the surface, which is simple and convenient. In addition, the downlight is more uniform and concentrated, and shines on a certain point. The ceiling lamp mainly plays the role of lighting the whole space, so the light is more scattered.

Hot Questions of LED Ceiling Lights

  • What are the best LED lights for ceilings?

    Answer: choosing the difference LED bulbs base on your needs, your home decorative style and usage occasion.

  • Are LED ceiling lights a good idea?

    Answer: Yes, The LED ceiling lamps will be a good option if you expect to have a sweet and romantic home decoration.

  • How much are LED ceiling lights?

    Answer: we have many kinds of LED ceiling light, the classic one and luxurious one and smart home APP control Led ceiling light, you can choose the one as you want.

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