What Should We Do First?

Understand your own habits, let the design of the house to adapt to your habits, beautiful room, convenient life.

Three Types of Regret about the Modern Switches and Sockets

Under-anticipated or Under-planned Changes

In the conceptualization of the design of modern switches and sockets in advance, some of the functional areas that need to be used in the future failed to foresee in advance, or the plan can not catch up with the changes, which brings a lot of inconvenience to daily life;

There Are Modern Switches and Sockets but Not Good to Use

Sockets are covered by furniture and lead to the inability to use, the socket itself design defects lead to inconvenience or can not be used, often have to unplug and bring trouble.

Exposed Sockets Affect the Aesthetic

This point is mainly due to the plumber construction is not in place to cause problems.

Two basic principles

The Location of the Socket to Match the Furniture

It is best to choose the furniture first or at least to determine the size of the furniture first, otherwise it is likely that the late addition of furniture, the location of the modern switches and sockets will be blocked, or too far away, the use of inconvenience. This problem is common in the sofa, the design according to two meters four sofa away, later the actual purchase of three meters six. Generally leave one outlet on each side, if there is a later floor lamp, purifier and other use needs, it is recommended that each side of two. Dining table position can be reserved for a kettle or eat hot pot with.

Try to Leave More Spare Socket

It seems that I have only heard of complaints about fewer modern switches and sockets, but it is not common to hear people complaining about more sockets. Especially now that people are more and more dependent on electronic products, may need game consoles, fans, fitness machines, floor lamps, wall lamps and other electrical appliances, perhaps you do not buy now, but imagine if the later purchase will be used in what position, it is best to leave the first jack, when it really use will be much more convenient, or else a variety of annoying modern switches and sockets boards came into being, messy.

Market Advantage

Futina modern switches and sockets with its multi-category and multi-series product line, showing a significant advantage in the market. Its products cover a wide range of areas such as home, office, and commercial to meet the diverse needs of different places. Whether it is simple style, retro style or modern style, Futina can provide just the right modern switches and sockets solutions. At the same time, Futina focuses on innovation and constantly launches new series and styles to meet the ever-changing market and consumers' personalized needs. The layout of multi-category and multi-series products not only enhances the brand competitiveness of Futina, but also allows consumers to have more choices and comparisons during the purchase process, so that they can find the most suitable products for themselves. The multi-category and multi-series market advantage of Futina modern switches and sockets has won more opportunities and market share for it in the fierce market competition.

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