Types of Smart Switches and Sockets

Advantages of Smart Switches and Sockets

Smart light switches and sockets, as well as smart electrical outlets and switches, offer advantages such as convenience and remote control over devices. They promote energy efficiency through monitoring and scheduling capabilities, while integrating seamlessly with smart home systems. With remote access and monitoring features, you can manage your lights and electrical devices from anywhere. Additionally, these smart switches and sockets enhance safety and security through features like overload protection and the ability to simulate occupancy. Overall, they provide a more convenient, energy-efficient, and intelligent way to control and manage your home's lighting and electrical devices.

Futina's Tips to install Smart Switches and Sockets

Futina's Tips to install Smart Switches and Sockets

  • 01

    Cut off the power before installation

    Turn off the power at the fuse box to avoid the danger of the electric shock. If you're not sure what electrical circuit your lights belong to, it's not a bad idea to use a voltage meter to test, but If you have a non-contact voltage tester, you won't have to mess around with leads and wires. at this time, you can consider to cut off all the circuits.

  • 02

    Open up the existing switch where you want to install FUTINA smart switch and socket

    Use a hard knife or flat-head screwdriver to pry the front plate off of the wall, then unscrew the screws on the frame, and take the device out from the wall box, then unscrewing the screw on the terminal which enable to dismantle the wires, and take out the devices completely.

  • 03

    Choose a smart light switch which need to replace the traditional switch.

    choosing a smart light switch that fits your situation.

  • 04

    Install and connect the wires on your smart light switch to the wires inside your wall.

    Install FUTINA smart home switch and socket, take the front plate off first, and connect the in wire to the in wire, the out wire to the out wire, the ground wire to the ground wire, and the neutral wire to the neutral wire. Secure your connections with wire connectors, and make sure you don't have any loose or exposed wire in the box. and make sure that all is right, then fix the device on the wall box, and screw the screws on the frame to the wall box, and put the front cover on the devices.

  • 05

    Test the wires you've just connected by turning on the power.

    If the switch works, you can move on to the next step. If your switch does not turn on, you need to reexamine your connections.

  • 06

    Connect your smart light switch to your specific network.

    To do this, you need to read the user manual and operate it step by step,such as download the app and connect to your Wi-Fi. after device installation, press and hold 5S to enter quick flashing state, click"add device" on the homepage of APP to start network configuration. and if the product is powered on for the first time, you can add the device directly through APP with long pressing. and after network configuration, it is available to use google audio or Amazon to searc"skill" to control.

Hot Questions of Smart Switches and Sockets

  • Do smart switches use more electricity?

    The smart switch is equipped with a circuit board to connect to WiFi and the corresponding processing chip, so it would consume power itself, but its power consumption is extremely low.

  • What can smart switches do?

    By setting the scene, smart switches can help you timing, delay, and other remote control processing via your phone, which also can be shared to your family and friends.

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