How to Install Home Ventilation Exhaust Fan

How to Install Home Ventilation Exhaust Fan How to Install Glass mounted Ventilation Exhaust Fan?

  • 01

    ​Cut Round Holes

    Cut round holes in the glass according to the measurements, the thickness of the glass is between 3 to 25 mm.

  • 02

    Loosen the Screws

    Loosen the screws on the front cover, and make the front cover separated from the main body.

  • 03

    Put the Main Body

    Put the main body go through the round hole in the glass, and put the shrink-ring into the rear of the main body, coarct it tightly to the glass. (tips: put the glass glue into the perimeter zone for fastening if necessary.)

  • 04

    Assemble the Front

    To assemble the front cover on the main body, and tighten the screws.

Hot Questions of Home Ventilation Exhaust Fan

  • Does exhaust fan provide ventilation?

    Yes, exhaust fan is use to exchange indoor and outdoor air.

  • When should you use a ventilation fan?

    When the room is humid or the air is dirty.

  • Do exhaust fans need to be vented outside?

    Yes, exhaust fan can remove the dirty air to outside.

  • Is there a standard specification for home ventilation exhaust fan?

    The standard size of home ventilation exhaust fan is basically 4'' 6'' 8'' 10''12''.

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