1. Standard size of American socket

Different types of sockets for different purposes have different size standards. For example, there are some differences in the size of American sockets and Chinese sockets. So, what is the standard size of an American socket?

The size of the socket is actually directly related to the shape of the plug. For example, the Chinese three-hole plug is three flat strips, and the jack of the socket is naturally three flat strip holes. In the same way, the American outlet is characterized by a round head and two flat pins, and the socket is also in the shape of "one round and two flat". American socket outlets, like Chinese sockets, need to pay attention to voltage, current and maximum carrying power when using them. If the plug and socket do not match, do not force it. The size of Chinese sockets is much smaller than that of USA sockets, and the top jack is round. If Chinese electrical appliances use American socket outlets, it is best to use a socket converter to convert them first. In addition, use a USA socket, but also know a little. That is, the voltage of the Chinese plug is 220V, and the voltage of the American socket outlet is 120V. When Chinese friends are going to travel or work in countries with universal American sockets, they should choose a socket converter that can convert both the jack and the voltage.

Ⅱ. The installation of the American socket

After the socket is bought, in addition to being a row plug, most sockets need to be installed before they can be used, and the USA socket is no exception. Next, let's take a look at how to install the USA socket.

1. Dispose of the power cord, put it into the socket bottom box, and flow out the wires in the box for future maintenance.

2. Cut the wire out of the core. During the cutting process, remember not to break the core.

3. In a clockwise direction, wrap the wires around the corresponding binding posts, and tighten them to the indenters, so that the cores are not exposed to the outside.

4. Connect the power cord. The live wire in the USA socket should be connected to the switch hole marked with the letter A, then come out of the other hole of the switch, and finally connected to the hole marked with the letter L; the neutral wire should be connected to the hole marked N, and the ground The wire goes into the hole marked with the letter E.

5. Check whether the socket can be powered on. Use a test pen or other tool to check the power status of the socket.

6. If there is no problem after inspection, fix the socket shell.

Ⅲ. The difference between American socket and British socket

In addition to American sockets, there are many socket standards around the world, such as winning sockets, British standard sockets, non-standard sockets, etc. Different standard sockets are suitable for different countries. They also differ in appearance and function. So, what's the difference between a US outlet and a british power outlet?

1. Different appearance

The American standard socket is in the shape of one round and two flats, and the socket jack is made according to the standard of the plug; the British standard plug is three square heads, and the socket is also produced according to this feature.

2. Applicable countries are different

In addition to being used in the United States, American socket outlets can also be used in Japan, Canada, Thailand, Brazil, the Philippines, Taiwan and other countries and regions. British power sockets are used in the UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Maldives, Qatar and other countries and regions.

3. Different sizes

The shape of the plug is different, and the standard size of the socket is naturally different. US sockets are a bit larger than British power sockets.

4. The price is different

Different production sites, different socket types, and different objects of use ultimately result in different prices for American standard sockets and British power sockets.

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