May 10 is the eighth "China Brand Day", and the Foshan City 2024 Quality Brand Conference under the theme "Where there is a home, there is Foshan-made" was grandly held, with more than 300 brand enterprises from various industries in Foshan participating.

The 2024 Foshan Manufacturing Brand Series List was released on-site, by establishing a batch of corporate brands, product brand benchmarks, excavating brand personality stories, and comprehensively showcasing the achievements of "Foshan Manufacturing" towards "Foshan Brand".



(Bai Tao, Deputy Secretary of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, made an important speech)

At the conference, FUTINA was awarded the "Foshan Standard" product enterprise. The selection of FUTINA means that its product quality, quality control standards, product technology, etc. are leading in the industry, becoming a benchmark brand in the Foshan electrical and lighting industry.



The Foshan city government proposed the "Foshan Standard" as early as 2020, aiming to increase the supply of high-quality products and services based on advanced standards, and to improve the influence and competitiveness of "Foshan Manufacturing".

All core indicators of the "Foshan Standard" are stricter than the requirements of international, national, or industry standards, pointing out the direction for the high-quality development of Foshan's manufacturing industry.


(FUTINA LED downlights and LED panel lights were selected as "Foshan Standard" products)

FUTINA has always been committed to basing its operations in Foshan and developing globally, adhering to the responsibility and duty of a "Foshan Standard" product enterprise to maintain high-quality production, and to provide global customers with safe, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced electrical products.

In the future, FUTINA will continue to resonate with Foshan, driving the city from a "large manufacturing base" to a "strong manufacturing city", and from a "quality economy" to a "brand economy", further polishing the golden signboard of "Where there is a home, there is Foshan-made".
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