The industrial exhaust fan mainly uses the air convection ventilation principle to work. It is mainly installed on the window. Fresh air is naturally drawn from the opposite door or window of the installation site, so that the indoor hot air and dirty air can be quickly discharged outside, and the fresh air can be drawn into the room.

1. The performance of industrial exhaust fans

The shell material of the industrial exhaust fan mainly adopts the IP54, F-class insulation fan special aluminum shell motor produced by advanced technology. It has the function of under-phase overload protection, long service life, stable operation and low noise. Using FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) as the fan shell material, it has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, no rust, long service life of the negative pressure fan, etc. At the same time, it reduces the resonance phenomenon of the whole machine due to many metal materials.

2. The type of industrial exhaust fan equipment

The types of industrial exhaust fans can be classified according to the exhaust ports, which can be roughly divided into: cross-flow exhaust fans, axial-flow exhaust fans, centrifugal exhaust fans, full-duct exhaust fans, duct intake exhaust fans, duct exhaust fans, and Partition type exhaust fan. These exhaust fans are classified according to the inlet of the fan and the form of air flow.

3. Ventilation mode of industrial exhaust fan

The ventilation methods of the exhaust fan are divided into three types: exhaust type, suction type and combined type. The exhaust fan type mainly allows the air to enter from the natural air inlet, and uses the exhaust fan to discharge the exhaust gas in the air to the outside. The suction type fan is mainly a ventilation fan, which can suck in fresh air. The exhaust of dirty air from the natural exhaust port is all done by the ventilation fan alone.

4. Industrial exhaust fan operation failure

When the industrial exhaust fan is used for a long time or for a long time, there will be some phenomena that the motor does not run properly, which greatly affects the use of industrial exhaust fans. When installing an industrial exhaust fan, the staff should pay attention to one thing. A good installation position is very important. It is most suitable to see which part of the installation is most suitable, so that it can exert its maximum effect. When installing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether each component is installed tightly to ensure the normal operation of the industrial exhaust fan. The use environment of industrial exhaust fans is generally used in some occasions that require low noise and high static pressure to achieve an air circulation effect. Different industrial exhaust fans have different sizes. When choosing, users must choose the appropriate industrial exhaust fan according to their actual situation. Another point to note is that the maintenance of industrial exhaust fans is very important and determines its service life.

The design of industrial exhaust fans is not so simple, and many aspects must be considered. The two-speed motor must be considered in the design to ensure that the product operates normally and rotates at a good speed. It is necessary to consider the low-speed rotation of the motor and the noise level that is acceptable to people. Consumers must pay attention to this when purchasing, and they need to understand in many aspects. Because the operating point of the blower is the intersection of the resistance curve and the characteristic curve, the air volume will be large if the resistance curve does not move. When the resistance curve changes, the air volume basically does not increase. However, in any case, two blowers running in parallel will not achieve the sum of their capabilities. Therefore, if it is really necessary to run the two machines in parallel, the thicker pipes need to be redesigned, and the resistance curve must reach the sum of its air volume.

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