Whenever you encounter various holidays, traveling abroad is the vacation choice of countless friends. Traveling to Europe, European socket outlet and European outdoor socket is an essential travel equipment. About the European socket, many people do not understand, how to choose European outdoor socket, what types of problems. The following wise home network for everyone to make an introduction.

How to Choose a European Outdoor Socket

Choose a Well-known Brand

The research and development and production of socket in a famous company has a long history, not halfway out of the production of the product is not only good material, performance is also more superior.

Choose with the Certification Mark

If you are buying European outdoor socket in the country, also choose products with domestic and foreign quality certification center regulations, such as looking at the packaging tape contains mandatory certification mark and so on.

Consider the Voltage and Current

According to the electrical appliances used and the environment of electricity, choose the rated current and voltage matching the socket, can not just buy.

Choose the Style and Color

Under the premise of quality assurance, style and color are also need to consider. This can be based on the user's actual aesthetic concepts and personal preferences to decide, pay attention to the socket and other equipment color matching can be.

What Are the Types of European Sockets Outlets

European socket outlet is also called the European standard socket, is a different type of socket from the domestic socket, mainly applicable to major European countries. Modern people traveling to Europe is gradually increasing, the European standard socket is a lot of friends have used the socket. So, what types of European sockets are there? Go together to understand it.

British Type

The jack belongs to the rectangular cross-section metal bar. This kind of socket and with the sockets used in countries such as Malaysia Asia, Hong Kong, China and so on.

France Type

Jack is a metal cylinder and two round holes. Cylindrical holes are used for grounding, the other two round holes are power jacks. The three jacks are arranged in an isosceles triangle. France type socket only three-hole socket, there is no two-hole socket. If an appliance has only two holes, it can be plugged directly into the two round holes. This type of socket is suitable for France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark and other European countries.

Swiss Type

Mainly two-hole socket and three-hole socket. Two-hole socket and the Spanish type tea said similar. Two-hole socket shape is more unique, the two ends are triangular flat hexagonal shape.

Advantages of Futina

With its unique market advantages, Futina European outdoor socket stands out in the field of outdoor power socket. Its design incorporates classic European elements, which not only has an elegant and generous appearance, but also complements all kinds of outdoor environments and enhances the overall aesthetics. In terms of functionality, Futina’s European outdoor socket has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, ensuring the safety and reliability of outdoor use. At the same time, its strong power output capacity meets the power needs of various outdoor electrical appliances. In addition, Futina European outdoor socket has made great efforts in material and craftsmanship, choosing high-quality materials to make it durable and effectively prolong its service life. In the market, Futina European outdoor socket has won the favor of the majority of consumers by virtue of its excellent quality and reasonable price, and has become the leader in the field of outdoor power socket.

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