Wall mounted ventilation fan is a kind of exhaust ventilation equipment that can exhaust the indoor air to the outdoor to achieve the function of air exchange. Through this device, the indoor can breathe fresh air.

Working Principle of Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan

The wall-mounted ventilation system uses specialized equipment to deliver fresh air to one side of the closed room, and then the fresh air is discharged from the other side, forming a new air flow field in the room to meet the need of fresh air ventilation in the room. wall mounted ventilation fan can ensure that the indoor air is always in a state suitable for human habitation, protect people's health and sensory comfort, keep the indoor air dry, and effectively filter out the indoor pollution after the renovation to achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air.

The forced operation of the wall mounted ventilation fan's air supply and exhaust system ensures a more even distribution of indoor air supply and exhaust outlets, which can quickly exhaust the polluted indoor air to the outdoors and maintain a healthy indoor environment at all times. In addition, the sufficient heat recovery function can exchange indoor and outdoor air inside the mainframe, so that the temperature difference between fresh outdoor air and indoor air is not significant, and the comfort of the indoor environment will not be affected by the temperature difference.

Advantages of Futina Wall Mounted Ventilation Fan

Long Service Life

Aiming at the shortcomings of wall-mounted units such as easy deformation of the fan hub during winter heating, Futina has developed 100% copper motor and high quality PP material, which can operate at high temperature and prolong the service life.

Low Decibel, No Noise but Strong Wind Power

Futina adopts wall mounted ventilation fan, which can ensure strong wind power with low decibel and no noise. This is one of the major advantages of wall mounted ventilation fan and the reason why Futina's wall mounted ventilation fan stands out among various fans in the market. Futina’s wall mounted ventilation fans have 5 fan blades, which ensure high airflow while realizing low-decibel and noiseless operation.

The wall mounted ventilation fan can effectively solve the problem of poor indoor air circulation. In addition, wall mounted ventilation fans are also very easy to maintain, simple to control and easy to install. They do not produce much noise during operation and do not require high operating costs. They can be said to be very good products that are worth using.

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