Switch sockets must be installed during home improvement. Natural switch sockets are essential items in home improvement. There are many types of switch sockets produced by electrical socket manufacturers, and different types have different usages. Therefore, it will be a little troublesome to purchase. Switch sockets control the whole. The operation of home appliances is essential for modern home decoration. There are also inferior products in the itches and outlets on the market. How to choose a good switch? What are the types of switches? Let's take a look together!

Ⅰ. Types of switch sockets

1. The switch is divided into one open/two open/three open/four open (also known as: single, double, triple, quadruple or one, two, three, four, etc.; several switches are juxtaposed on a panel to control different lights , commonly known as multi-position switch), the switch is divided into single control and double control. For example: one open single control and one open dual control; two open dual control.

2. Single-control switch: it can only be turned on here and turned off here. One switch controls one light, two switches control two different lights, three switches control three different lights, and four switches control four different lights.

3. Double control switch: It can control a light in two different places at the same time, such as the door of the room, the bedside, the stairway, the hall, etc. It needs to be pre-wired, which can be turned on on one side and off on the other side. Single control cannot be used as dual control, dual control can be used as single control.

4. Single-control switch socket: It can control the power on and off of the socket, which is convenient to use. The plug should not be pulled out or pulled out. It can also be used as a switch alone. It is mostly used in common electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines, and individually controlled mirror headlights.

5. Double control switch socket: It has the function of single control switch with socket. This switch can also control the lights on both sides together with another two-way switch.

6. Multi-function socket: Compatible with old-fashioned and foreign standard round-pin plugs, square-pin plugs, etc.

7. Three-hole socket: The three holes are divided into 10A, 16A and 25A. Common household appliances use 10A three holes, such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc., range hoods, commonly used wall-mounted air conditioners, and water heaters generally require 16A three holes, and generally 3P cabinet air conditioners need more than 20A.

8. Information socket: also known as weak current socket, referring to telephone, computer, and TV sockets. Because the market price of the back-end plug-in modules is very high, they are all more expensive.

9. Dual TV, dual telephone, dual computer socket These are independent wiring, not divided into two.

10. Socket wiring Generally, the current telephone sockets are four-core. If your telephone line is two-core, then connect the number 2 and 3. If it is four cores, then the corresponding connection is good.

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Ⅱ. Installation skills of switch sockets

1. Switch socket cannot be installed on the tiles and waistlines.

2. When the bottom box of the switch socket is opened, the frame should not be larger than 2mm or more than the bottom box, nor can it be opened into a round hole. In this way, it can be ensured that switches and sockets are installed in the future, and the bottom box is as flat as possible with the tiles, and there is no need to find longer screws for future installation.

3. The installation position of the switch socket cannot have more than two tiles, and try to install it in the middle of the tiles.

4. The hole at the faucet must be round, not square or "U". The size of the hole should not exceed 2mm of the pipe diameter, and the edge of the water outlet must be flush with the ceramic tile.

5. When installing the switch socket, the surface mounted socket should not be lower than 1.8 meters from the ground.

6. The concealed socket should be no less than 0.3 meters away from the ground, mainly to prevent children from getting electric shock. Be sure to choose a safety socket with a safety cover.

7. Construction wiring requirements for single-phase two-hole sockets: when the holes are arranged horizontally, it is "left zero and right fire", and when the holes are vertically arranged, it is "up fire and lower zero".

8. The refrigerator should use an independent socket and a three-hole socket with protective grounding. It is strictly forbidden to connect the ground wire to the gas pipeline by yourself, so as to avoid serious fire accidents; in order to ensure the safety of the family, the socket of the range hood should also use a three-hole socket, and the protection of the ground hole must not be taken lightly.

9. The bathroom is easy to be damp, and ordinary sockets cannot be installed. Waterproof switches should be used to ensure personal safety.

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