Installation location of the switch socket

When installing switches and outlets, besides determining the installation height, the location should also be selected reasonably, otherwise it may cause inconvenience in use. The installation location of sockets also needs to be based on the specific use space, such as the sockets in the entryway, bedside, living room, etc. are not the same.

Install on the left side of the room

This is the installation location for most sockets and switches, because most people are right-handed, and if the socket or switch is installed on the right side of the room, we need to use our left hand to turn on and off the switch, which is inconvenient to use.

The socket near the door should be closer to the door

This is for the convenience of using the switch at night. When it is dark at night, if we can press the switch socket close to the door when entering, it is both convenient and avoids collisions.

The distance between the bedside switch should be reasonable

Futina also want to remind you that most people turn off the lights before going to bed. If the switch in the bedroom is only installed at the door, we still need to get up to turn on the light and then grope to bed in the dark. Therefore, many households now install switches for lamps at the bedside. For convenience, the distance between the switches on both sides of the bed should be based on the width of the bed, and the switch socket should not be blocked by the head of the bed.

Details of the switch socket layout

The layout of switch socket such as european switches and sockets is a problem that must be solved reasonably when every family is decorating. If this problem is not handled well, it will inevitably cause inconvenience to the family's electricity use. So, what are the details to consider when laying out switches and outlets?

  • In addition to installing sockets and switches according to the number of appliances and use space, it is also necessary to install a few more in some places that may be used, just in case.

  • For friends who do not want to plug and unplug frequently, it is necessary to install switches and outlets with a switch button at home, which is very convenient to directly turn off the power after charging or using electricity.

  • The switch of the bathroom heater is larger than the ordinary one, and the reserved space should be several centimeters larger to avoid replacement due to small space.

  • The switches and sockets installed in the kitchen should avoid the position above the stove, to avoid accidents such as power failure or fire caused by the high temperature near the stove.

  • In wet areas such as bathrooms, switches and outlets with protective doors should be selected to avoid electric leakage caused by excessive water vapor.

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