Affected by the impact of the epidemic, the current economic situation is grim. In this predicament, if an enterprise wants to break through and rebirth, only by grasping the strategic direction of development can it attack accurately and reverse the situation.

In 2022, the first year of the company's five-year strategic plan, FUTINA has determined the development goals of "sustainable, stable, efficient and rapid", and proposed the strategic deployment of "four persistences": persist in cultivating hardware circulation channels, and persist in terminal construction, persist in continuously improving product competitiveness, and persist in comprehensively enhancing the company's market offensiveness.


As a first-line brand in the electrical industry, FUTINA took the lead in making comprehensive efforts in multiple dimensions such as products, channels, and marketing. With the advantages of hot-selling explosive products, it vigorously promoted marketing and promotion activities, provided strong firepower for dealer partners, and made a strong attack to win the market.

Improve product competitiveness and leverage new business opportunities in the market

As the saying goes: Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses. Without products in the market, it is like an army marching to fight without food and weapons, which cannot win a battle!

Through strengthening upstream supply chain management, in-depth market research, precise positioning of brands and channels, FUTINA promotes product updates and iterations with technological innovation, so as to achieve market competitiveness with high quality and high price, and value for money. This move has undoubtedly injected a "stimulant" for the majority of dealers.

Innovative products such as the A80 Yaoying series one-piece switch and the M32 series surface-mounted large-panel switch released this year have achieved comprehensive upgrades in quality and craftsmanship, and are extremely cost-effective. They have become a sharp weapon for dealers to tap new business opportunities in the market.


Great development of hardware channels, joint efforts of manufacturers to seek development

Under today's unpredictable economy and market, "confidence is more expensive than gold", and the key to giving dealers confidence lies in whether the brand can continue to exert its strength.

From May to June, Foton cooperated with dealers across the country to carry out the activity of "Hundred Cities, Thousands of Stores, Fuhui Tens of Thousands of Families - Summer Development of Hardware Distribution Channels". The company specially made a "terminal promotion package" and supplied it to dealers at a preferential price, distributed hardware display racks, and improved the terminal display. Dealers from all over the country responded and the activity was carried out in full swing.

The campaign has built nearly 5,000 new terminal outlets, optimized the product line of dealers, significantly stimulated the terminal sales of dealers in various places and expanded the regional influence of the brand.

Trade in the old for the new to benefit the terminal, turning the crisis into an opportunity to expand the market

From July to September, in order to solve the problems of sales difficulties and inventory backlogs in terminal outlets, Foton launched the campaign of "Ten thousand stores in a hundred cities, benefiting thousands of households—a national mobilization for the replacement of switches and sockets in distribution outlets" to distribute profits to dealers and empower terminals, turning crisis into opportunity.

By integrating the superior resources of the industry and the brand itself, the company offers preferential policies to new and old distribution customers, and says that regardless of the brand, the unsalable inventory products can be replaced with FUTINA's best-selling switch sockets.

Foton digs deep into the market with its vision, builds the terminal dimension with brand height, and encourages dealers to participate in activities with policy persistence. It not only successfully realized the stability and expansion of the terminal market, but also won and fixed the source of customers for dealers, laying a solid foundation for subsequent efforts.

Stimulate terminal sales to achieve brand multiplication

In brand competition, channels are king. Whether it is new product promotion or terminal sales, it is inseparable from the full support of terminal stores.

In order to strengthen the mobile sales activities in the peak season and promote the shipment of terminals, FUTINA will carry out the "Home Improvement Story, Switch One Yuan - FUTINA Switch and Socket Terminal Mobile Sales National Campaign" nationwide from November to December.

By strengthening the terminal sales, FUTINA deeply connects the terminal stores with the help of the c-terminal, truly activates the b-terminal, allows the stores to cooperate with the terminal promotion, realizes the maximization of value, increases the sales volume of the terminal stores to achieve growth, and realizes the growth of the brand scale.

In the future, FUTINA will continue to deploy the market, use terminal mobile sales to empower dealers' sales vitality, and continue to expand the advantages of regional linkage to achieve a win-win situation between the brand and dealers' marketing potential, forming a competitive advantage of higher market sales and higher brand reputation.

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