Current Situation

The living room, as the center of family entertainment and recreation, tends to use a high amount of electricity. In many homes, the living room can be the most cluttered with wires, especially around the TV cabinet where various electronic devices such as TVs, speakers, set-top boxes, game consoles and routers are concentrated. Despite careful planning and installation of outlets during renovation or use, the unforeseen often happens. No matter how many outlets you reserve near your TV cabinet, you will always run out of outlets over time. To solve this problem, adding a versatile charging strip is inevitable.

However, ordinary outlets often don't provide a satisfactory solution, resulting in cords and plugs being scattered about and detracting from the aesthetics of the space. Therefore, a 6 socket power strip is undoubtedly a better option.

The Solution

Finding a satisfactory and perfect solution often requires careful consideration.


  • Multi-outlet power strip is designed to solve the problem of insufficient power outlets.

  • Beautiful appearance, exquisite craftsmanship and high quality.

  • Powerful and highly intelligent to meet various charging needs.

  • Conforms to many international standards to ensure strong safety performance.

Installing additional outlets during renovation may result in walls filled with outlets. Nowadays, by using 6 socket power strip, we can solve the problem of insufficient outlets while maintaining aesthetic appeal. However, it is critical to rationalize and distribute vents to maximize space. Regardless of individual household circumstances, a 6 socket power strip will solve most household problems.

Futina's Advantages

As you can see, Futina has a clear advantage in the market. the Futina 6 socket power strip stands out in the market with its excellent performance and practicality. The plug-in board is characterized by high charging efficiency, safety and stability, which can meet the users' charging needs in various scenarios such as home, office and travel.

Small, lightweight and portable, it can be placed at home or carried around, and can easily cope with various charging scenarios. In addition, the Futina 6 socket power strip supports a wide range of voltages and current outputs, providing strong compatibility with a variety of brands and models of electronic devices and offering great convenience to users.

What's more, the Futina 6 socket power strip emphasizes user safety with multiple safety protection designs to ensure a safe and stable charging process. These advantages have made the Futina 6 socket power strip very popular in the market and become the charging device of choice for many consumers.

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