As we all know, Europe is a continent containing many countries. So in the standard of power socket, how is it in Europe? When it comes to the European socket outlet, we usually live in the application. European socket outlets are also divided into many types of, in order to let you better understand the European socket outlet standards, and can choose your own want, then follow me to understand it.

European Socket Outlet Standards

European three dozen countries electrical socket outlet standards are not uniform, there is no European standards, only the respective standards of each country, a country with a plug, may not be inserted into another country's socket.

European Socket Type

France Type Socket

Characterized by the socket has two round holes a metal cylinder, two round holes is the power jack, the cylinder is grounded to connect the column, equivalent to our three-hole socket isosceles triangle apex of the foot. The corresponding plug is at the apex of the isosceles triangle is a round hole. There are no specialized two-hole sockets in this country. A two-hole plug can be inserted into a round hole in a round socket. Countries that use this type of socket are France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark.

Spanish Type Socket

The Spanish type of socket is grounded by two sets of metal tabs on the edge of the round ring of the socket, which make contact with a metal contact on the edge of the round plastic head of the plug. The two metal power posts of this type are the same as those of the French type. The use of this type of socket is more countries, there are Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Austria and most other countries. This type of socket also does not have a specialized two-hole socket.

The plug used in Europe is a standardized one with two round holes.

The Voltage of European Socket Is 230V, the Socket Is Different from the Domestic One

European standard plug (two round) manufacturing standards in accordance with CE standards. European standard plug in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and most other European countries use.

The plug is two cylindrical, spanning 19mm, grounding level is completed by both sides of the plug ground. Central and Eastern Europe 7/7 European plug has embedded pins, France and Belgium sockets are similar.  

In Europe the standard electrical parameters of the socket are 10A-16A230ACV AC power. European standard socket is the world's safest socket, grounding the most special mainly to consider the safety of people. Therefore, it is also the most widely used plug standard in the world.

Advantages of Futina

Futina European socket outlet is popular among consumers for its unique design and excellent performance. It is manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety. With delicate design and smooth lines, the plug perfectly blends European minimalist style with modern home decoration elements. Futina European socket outlet not only has excellent conductive properties, but also has multiple safety protection functions such as anti-overload and anti-leakage, which effectively protects the safety of home electricity. In addition, the plug also has a convenient plug design, simple and convenient operation, making your life easier. Whether it is used for home appliances or office equipment, Futina European socket outlet can provide you with stable and reliable power support. 

All in all, with its unique style, excellent performance and humanized design, Futina European socket outlet has become an indispensable power connection tool for modern families.

The above gives you details about the European socket outlet, I believe that after you read the introduction, you have a certain understanding of the European socket outlet! Life in many places we also use the European socket outlet, then we should also look at its material, and then look at its style, so that we will not be fooled when we choose. Go to understand in advance, and then go to buy, it is very helpful for us to buy these things.

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