Brief Introduction

Exhaust fan can also be called exhaust fan, exhaust fan, ventilation fan and some other names, but the product is still the same. This must be for this everyone has understood. Exhaust fan for home use is widely used in our lives. When the air is more airtight, dirty air generated faster places will use exhaust fan for home use. Exhaust fan in the high-speed rotation of the blades will be driven by the air flow in the room, so as to form and the outside world of fresh air circulation.


In the ordinary course of use, such as encountering ventilation fan can not work properly, remember not to disassemble the ventilation fan, maintenance. It should have professional qualifications or authorized by the manufacturer of professionals to carry out inspections, otherwise it is very easy to produce or leave a hidden safety hazard. The exhaust fan for home use must be paid attention to the daily cleaning. First of all, you should cut off the power supply, to prevent electrocution accidents as well as someone mistakenly open, resulting in personal injury.

In the exhaust fan for home use, you should also pay attention not to a piece of fan blade excessive force, to prevent breakage. For heavy duty exhaust fan for kitchen, it is very important to prevent the fan blades from being fixed due to heavy fumes. Because, when the fan blade is fixed, the ventilation fan motor is still working, at this time, the motor will emit a lot of heat, which may cause the motor to burn out, or may cause a fire.

Need to pay special attention to is, for this is fixed by the oil ventilation fan, if you need to go out, in order to prevent accidents, please be sure to check exhaust fan for home use power is off.

The 12 inch wall exhaust fan in ordinary use should pay attention not to be installed in the flammable and explosive items near the walls do not have easy to interfere with the wires around the wall, and should be often clean blades to keep the ventilation fan clean, long-term ventilation so that the ventilation fan blades are full of dust.

Market Advantage of Futina Exhaust Fan for Home Use 

Futina exhaust fan for home use shows significant advantages in the market competition. First of all, Futina exhaust fan for home use has won the trust of consumers by virtue of their excellent performance and stable quality. Its efficient exhaust function can quickly remove indoor odors and moisture, effectively improving indoor air quality. Secondly, Futina exhaust fan for home use focuses on energy-saving and environmental protection design, adopts advanced energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption, which meets the needs of modern families for environmental protection and energy saving. In addition, Fountain exhaust fans pursue simplicity and fashion in appearance design, which can match with various home styles and enhance the aesthetics of the home. Finally, Futina exhaust fan for home use also has a perfect after-sales service system, to provide consumers with timely and professional technical support and maintenance services to ensure that the user experience. To summarize, Futina exhaust fan for home use has obvious advantages in the market competition, is the ideal choice for family ventilation.

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