On December 12, 2023, the 9th ASEAN Outstanding Business Award Ceremony was grandly held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Representatives from well-known Chinese corporate groups and award-winning companies from various Southeast Asian countries, as well as representatives of Chinese businessmen from various countries, gathered together, totaling more than 500 people.

Liang Xiqiang, Chairman of FUTINA, attended the award ceremony and received the "Leading Brand in Switches & Sockets Excellence" award on behalf of the company.


The ASEAN Outstanding Business Award, abbreviated as AOBA, is hosted by the ASEAN Retail Chain and Franchise Federation (ARFF). As a top honor in the ASEAN business community, this award aims to recognize outstanding achievements of companies and entrepreneurs in their respective industries. It is not only a benchmark in the business field but also a symbol of regional cooperation and development. 

At the award ceremony, FUTINA was awarded the honor of "Leading Brand in Switches & Sockets Excellence".

This honor reflects FUTINA's outstanding achievements and leadership in the field of switch sockets. It not only recognizes FUTINA's technological innovation and market influence but also affirms FUTINA's contribution to promoting regional economic development.

As one of the representative companies in China's construction electrical industry, FUTINA has created one miracle after another. In 2009, FUTINA, as the pioneer of "point switch", opened a new era in the industry. In 2013, FUTINA was rated as a "China Famous Trademark". So far, FUTINA has been rated as one of the "Top Ten Electrical Brands in China" for many years.



Liang Xiqiang, Chairman of FUTINA (third from left), receives the award on stage

Acceptance Speech   

Liang Xiqiang, Chairman of FUTINA, said in his acceptance speech that he was very honored to receive the 9th ASEAN Outstanding Business Award - Leading Brand in Switches & Sockets Excellence. He thanked the organizing committee for their recognition and encouragement of Futina's achievements over the years. "Receiving the title of Leading Brand in Switches & Sockets Excellence will enhance FUTINAa's brand influence in the international market, open up new business cooperation opportunities, and further promote technological innovation and market expansion."

Liang Xiqiang also expressed his hope that "we hope to unite with entrepreneurs and friends to mutual benefit, common development, and make greater contributions to the high-level implementation of RCEP and the development of the ASEAN region."

Liang Xiqiang, Chairman of FUTINA, and his wife attended the award ceremony

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