Smart switch means you can control your home appliance no matter where you are, you an have connection. internet switches will bring convenience and comfort to your life, as you can control your home appliances from your phone.

FUTINA smart switch is a wall switch with built-in technology that allows it to be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi internect . The wall switch power supply, and therefore the power supply of any electrical item plugged into it, can then be controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet or with a smart speaker using voice commands.

What does FUTINA smart switches do?

Smart switches are helpful all around the home. For example, they can be used with lamps to turn lights on when no one’s home. They can provide peace of mind that products such as hair straighteners are switched off. They can turn the radio and a coffee machine on with a voice command in the morning. 

How many type smart switches FUTINA have now?

Futina we have wifi smart switch and Zigbee smart switch.

Why choose FUTINA smart switches?


  • Complete range with colorful looking choice

  • To use TUYA safety and stable connection system, more Safety and Security

  • To use high quality PC as front plate and base housing, can meet 850℃ flame retardant test.

How to set up FUTINA smart switches and sockets?

To setting up smart switches is a relatively simple process. And just connect the smart switches need to be wired into the electrics. Most require a neutral wire connection to operate, but not all standard switches and sockets have them. But FUTINA smart switch have to connect the neutral wire, because that will avoid the lamp have the flashing problem when it under low voltage. So, we recommend that a qualified electrician does the wiring part of the process.

Once smart switch are plugged into the mounting box or smart switches have been wired in, the process is simple. It includes downloading the relevant smart plug or switch’s app onto a smartphone or tablet, creating an account, or logging in and following the steps to pair the app with the smart item, connecting it to the Wi-fi or Bluetooth, and then setting up schedules or relevant connections with a smart speaker for example.

Smart plugs and switches can also be set up to work with other smart home gadgets, such as smart lighting, smart heating, smart security and other smart home products.

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