Choice of Switch Sockets

We need to install switches and sockets after decorating water and electricity in the home. However, there are many brands and types of switch sockets in the market, which will make it more difficult for us to purchase. So how to choose the switch socket? Generally speaking, you can choose from the following aspects:

  1. When selecting a switch socket, first select its material. The quality of the material determines the quality of the switch socket. Generally speaking, PC quality is relatively good, followed by Dianyu powder and ABS.

  2. In addition, we should pay attention to whether the surface of the product is smooth and free of burrs when selecting. Generally, the production process of products with good quality will also be fine. If we say that the appearance and workmanship of the product are rough and have no texture, it is not so good.

  3. Generally, good quality electrical appliances or electrical related equipment will have CE, CB, BS and GCC certificates, so when purchasing switch sockets, you must carefully check whether the manufacturer can provide these certificates. If it can be provided, it indicates that the quality of switch socket is better guaranteed.

  4. When selecting, you can also touch the handle of the switch socket. If it feels good, it can also show that the quality is OK.

  5. In addition, due to the wide variety of switches and sockets in the market, the selection of famous brands can guarantee the quality, such as Futina switch. Do not choose "three no" products because of low price, which will cause potential safety hazards.

Daily Maintenance of Switch Sockets

  1. Repeat switch

    The switch socket, which is often used repeatedly in daily use, seems convenient, but actually consumes excess power, and will reduce the service life of the switch. When the switch is used, the parts will be worn, so the repeated operation of the switch can be reduced.

  2. Sequence

    The use of switch and socket is also sequential. The plug should be inserted first and then the switch should be turned on, and the plug should be pulled out after the power is turned off, so as to reduce the wear of copper and increase its service life.

  3. Surface protection

    If you want the service life of the switch socket to be longer, you can install some protective decorations around the switch. For special places such as toilets and bathrooms, you can add a waterproof and dustproof outer box on the switch. This method can avoid the penetration of water vapor and oil pollution, which will affect the surface of the socket and the danger of power consumption. It is also a kind of safety protection.

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