With the development of technology, LED floodlights are used more and more widely in outdoor applications.

It is mainly used in the lighting of green landscapes, building facades, billboards, bridges, and city beautification.

Futina Jingyao series LED floodlights have excellent protective performance, high power, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life. They are a necessary choice for outdoor lighting.

Jingyao series

Outdoor LED floodlight

Lightning resistance | Surge resistance | Strong waterproof | Low-temperature resistance

Lightning resistance

Surge resistance

IP66 protection

Low-temperature resistance

High power

Explosion-proof tempered glass

High-brightness LED chip

Integrated molding

Internal and external combined

No fear of harsh weather

IP66 waterproof level sealing design,

Rain and dust seamless impact, safe for outdoor use.

Breather valve + waterproof joint design

Waterproof, anti-siphon, balance pressure difference,

Effectively prevent the fog from condensing into water caused by large temperature difference inside and outside.

Equipped with a breather valve

Adaptable to extreme cold-40℃

The product can still illuminate normally even at minus 40°C, making it widely applicable.

Thickened explosion-proof tempered glass mask

High hardness, explosion-proof, compression-resistant, heat-resistant, and longer service life.

High-brightness large-chip LED lamp bead

High-performance constant-current drive power effectively controls the temperature rise of the light source

Reduces light decay and extends the service life of the product

Thickened aluminum lamp body for fast heat dissipation and corrosion resistance

Precision thickened aluminum profiles have good corrosion resistance, and the lattice design of the shell increases the contact area with the air.

Bright and wide-angle light

Diffuse reflection and lighting design, bright and soft light, anti-glare and no stray light, large-angle beam, excellent projection effect, and wider lighting coverage.

Not content with mediocrity

Multi-angle, heart-driven lighting

The large-angle adjustable bracket can flexibly adjust the lighting direction, and the installation is unrestricted and widely applicable.

Widely applicable scenarios, suitable for multi-scene lighting

The lamp body is adjustable and can aim at any object that needs illumination, unaffected by weather conditions.

Can be used in courtyards, landscapes, factories, large billboards, etc.

【Floodlight 50W】Applicable area: about 50m2/lamp

【Outdoor billboard】Clear and visible, eye-catching.

【Floodlight 100W】Applicable area: about 100m2/lamp

【Highway tunnel】Night as bright as day, safe passage.

【Floodlight 200W】Applicable area: about 200m2/lamp

【Stadium】Bright and clear, creating a wonderful life.

Product parameters

Jingyao series floodlight

Product power:

Illuminated area:


Light color:

Protection level:

Rated voltage:



White light 6500K

Die-cast aluminum + iron

Sand black

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