In the year 2024, Futina participated in the esteemed Middle East Light+intelligent Building Exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from January 16th to 18th. This exhibition stands as the pinnacle of lighting showcases in the Middle East and Africa.



During this event, Futina proudly presented an array of cutting-edge products, including the Smart Switch, British Switch (UK/European/Italian variants), Extension Cord Power Strip, Distribution Box, Ventilation Fan, and the innovative Power Track. Of particular note were the new British Slim Switch, boasting a mere 6mm thickness, and the versatile Moveable Power Track. These remarkable offerings captivated the attention of numerous visitors, garnering high praise and admiration.



Throughout the exhibition, Futina had the pleasure of engaging with a total of 50 esteemed clients, both new and returning, fostering discussions on potential business opportunities and mutual growth. Following the conclusion of the exhibition, the FUTINA sales team embarked on a series of visits to new customers, conducting comprehensive market surveys. These efforts were undertaken with the aim of further refining and developing the new British Wall Switch and Socket for the year 2024.



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