Floor mounted switch socket outlets are frequently used in our daily lives. They are not only a decorative element of the home, but also a key aspect of electrical safety. However, with so many types and qualities on the market, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. Therefore, when considering the electrical safety of your home, it is important to be careful when choosing floor mounted switch socket outlets. So, what are some practical tips for choosing? Don't ignore floor mounted switch socket outlets when ensuring your family's electrical safety!

Points to Consider When Buying Switches and Sockets


High-quality outlets are made of materials with excellent properties such as flame retardant, insulating, impact resistant and moisture resistant. They are very stable and unlikely to change color. Today, a wide variety of materials are used for outlets, ranging from high-end plastics to metals such as gold-plated, stainless steel and copper, providing consumers with more choices.


Good products usually have a smooth, even surface with a quality feel. In addition, the brand logo on the outlets should be clear and full, with no burrs or defects.


High-quality outlets are usually made of advanced materials such as bullet-proof rubber with excellent fire resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance. The surface should be smooth and free of bubbles, scratches or stains. A good outlets should have moderate stiffness and excellent elasticity to provide smooth and firm action when opening or closing. The socket hole should have a guard and the plug should be inserted with some force to prevent single pin insertion.

You can also hold the switch to feel its weight. High-quality products that use a lot of copper and silver are not light in the hand. The thicker the copper inside the switch, the heavier it will be, and copper is a key component of the switch. An alloy or thin copper won't have the same weight and quality.

Internal Structure


Switches typically use pure silver contacts and a silver-copper composite as a conductive bridge to prevent oxidation from arcing during switching. High-quality faceplates are made of a silver-nickel-copper composite that forms a conductive bridge. Silver is an excellent conductor, and the silver-nickel alloy has a strong arc extinction capability, ensuring that the switch can open and close more than 80,000 times, far exceeding the international standard of 40,000 cycles. The switch adopts brass screws to clamp the wires, with large contact area, strong clamping ability, stable and reliable wiring. The single-hole wiring copper post wiring capacity is large and not affected by the thickness of the wire, which is very convenient. In addition, the product panel has 6-8 fixed mounting holes (top, bottom, left, right, corner), which can be flexibly installed in various scenarios.


When choosing a socket, safety is the primary consideration. A protective cover for the socket is essential, so it is best to choose a product with this feature. In addition, it is vital to check the clamping performance of the socket clamps, where smooth insertion is a key factor. High quality socket clamps, such as those from certain brands, use a strong compression design to improve the fit between the clamp and the plug. This design not only prevents overheating during prolonged use, but also ensures that the plug stays securely in place, reducing the risk of accidental disconnection. In addition, the socket clips are made of high-quality tin-phosphor bronze with excellent conductivity and fatigue resistance, ensuring that the socket can withstand 10,000 insertions and withdrawals (the national standard is 5,000).


Futina floor mounted switch socket outlet stands out in the market with its excellent quality and unique design.

First of all, Futina floor mounted switch socket outlet prioritizes practicality and safety. They are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to daily wear and tear. In addition, their unique safety features, such as overload protection and child safety doors, effectively prevent electrical accidents and provide users with a safe and reliable environment.

Secondly, Futina floor mounted switch socket outlets are known for their sleek and modern design. The minimalist aesthetics can be easily integrated into various home decorations, reflecting the user's taste and style while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

In addition, these floor mounted switch socket outlets offer a range of features. They support a wide range of socket sizes and types to meet the needs of different users. In addition, their smart features, such as remote control and timer switch, add convenience and comfort to users' lives.

To sum up, Futina floor mounted switch socket outlets have gained wide recognition in the market for their excellent quality, unique design and diverse functions, and have become the new choice for home electricity safety.

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