The 21st century is the century of electricity. There is electricity everywhere, in homes, in public facilities, etc. However, due to the diversity of various household appliances in the family, it is natural to use patch panels everywhere. We can't choose patch panels at will. After all, it is related to our personal safety, fire and other security risks. Therefore, we need to pay attention to a lot when choosing patch panels. Although the patch panel is simple for other electrical appliances. But there is also a lot of learning. When you buy a poor quality plug-in, the accidents of electric shock and fire are all caused by a small plug-in board.

Two Pin Plug Vs Three Pin Plug Of Patch Panel

In short, the two pin plug only connects the live wire and the zero wire, while the three pin plug has not only the live wire and the zero wire, but also a ground wire. In case of electric leakage, the ground wire will help guide the current to the ground, thus reducing the risk of electric shock and making it safer. Therefore, when choosing a plug-in row, you must buy a three pin plug (with ground level) plug-in row.

Maximum Power Value Of Patch Panel

Please pay special attention to the maximum power value marked in the row and insert. The loaded product should not exceed the maximum power value.

Quality Of Patch Panel

At present, the row inserts in the market are a few pieces cheaper, and hundreds more expensive. In addition to the brand, the price is determined by the appearance as well as the materials used for manufacturing. It's best to use large brands of row inserts, of which flame retardant materials are the best. Then, for the internal materials, the copper core fittings with good durability, heat resistance and electrical conductivity should be selected.

Function of Patch Panel

Function, the most practical one is overload protection. In case of power overload or short circuit of a row jack, the row plug can automatically trip, which can not only effectively prevent fire, but also reduce electrical damage.

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