On January 30, 2024, the Embracing Change, Steadfast Progress Guangdong Futina Electrical 2023 Year-End Appreciation Dinner was grandly held at its headquarters in Shunde. Guangdong Futina Electrical Chairman, Liang Xiqiang, gathered with all Foton employees, numerous supplier partners, and guests to celebrate the annual event.

Chairman's Address

At the beginning of the evening, Chairman Liang Xiqiang of Guangdong Futina Electrical delivered the opening speech.

Chairman Liang expressed that the current electrical lighting industry faces both opportunities and challenges, with the market constantly evolving. Only by actively embracing change can we proceed steadily on the path to long-term success and make meaningful contributions!


In 2023, Guangdong Futina Electrical achieved a 20% growth in total sales performance for the year through lean production and streamlined management, fully exploring opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Facing uncertainties in the future, FUTINA will continue to focus closely on the four major axes of "cost, quality, delivery, and service." The company will consolidate the strength of its high-quality supply chain, unite forces upstream and downstream, and construct a new engine for counter-trend growth in the enterprise.


"Creating Good Products for Humanity." Only by continually meeting customer demands and consistently providing competitively superior products to the market, FUTINA can find a path for development and maintain the confidence for stable operations.

"The best defense is a good offense." In 2023, FUTINA made comprehensive efforts in various dimensions such as product development, channels, and marketing. Leveraging the advantages of popular and high-selling products, the company vigorously promoted marketing campaigns, providing strong support for its distributor partners. With a powerful offensive strategy, Foton aggressively entered the market, securing victories.


Chairman Liang emphasized that FUTINA adheres to the path less traveled, persistently engages in challenging yet morally sound endeavors, and remains committed to undertaking definitive actions in an uncertain environment. The company does not waver from its original aspirations despite changes in the business landscape, nor does it abandon the steadfast defense of brand values amid intense competition. FUTIAN does not forsake long-term investments in the company's future, even in moments of temporary confusion.

Dinner Segment & Cultural Performance

Toasting Ceremony

Subsequently, Chairman Liang Xiqiang and Mrs. Liang, accompanied by all senior executives of Guangdong Futina Electrical, took the stage together to perform the official toast ceremony, marking the formal commencement of the evening banquet.


Raising their glasses for a delightful toast, everyone enjoyed the exquisite cuisine and participated in lively entertainment programs and exciting prize draws. The atmosphere at the banquet was spirited, with laughter and joy filling the venue.

Cultural Performance

The Lucky Draw Session

Outstanding Employee Recognition

On the day of the event, the annual ceremony for recognizing outstanding employees of the year 2023 was also held.

Liang Weijie, Vice General Manager of Guangdong Futina Electrical, delivered the opening speech. He extended profound respect and heartfelt thanks to all FUTINA family members who have shown outstanding courage and dedication in driving the company's business development throughout the past year.

Over the past year, a succession of exemplary individuals has emerged within the company. They have made extraordinary contributions in their ordinary roles, becoming role models for the entire FUTINA family.


The Vice General Manager of Guangdong Futina Electrical, Liang Weijie, delivered a speech at the commendation ceremony.

Outstanding Employee of the Year 2023

Outstanding Manager /Supervisor of the Year 2023


Domestic Marketing Center - Wu Fengling, Manufacturing Center - Xiong Huazhang, Procurement Department - Guo Jiaying, Management Center - Huang Yanxia, Finance Center - Zhu Shimei

Outstanding Manager of the Year 2023


Domestic Marketing Center - Dai Zhiping, Domestic Marketing Center - Zhang Shouyi, Domestic Marketing Center - Xian Jiewen, Export Department - Wu Daidi, Research and Development Department - Nie Junyu

Outstanding Director of the Year 2023


Domestic Marketing Center - Liu Jianhui

Best Market Expansion Award of the Year 2023


Domestic Marketing Center - Zhang Yu, Domestic Marketing Center - Yu Xueqin

Domestic Marketing Center - Ma Zhenzhao, Export Department - Kang Guihui

Outstanding Leaders of the Year 2023


Chairman Liang Xiqiang was awarded the Outstanding Leader of the Year 2023


Chairman Liang Xiqiang and Mrs. He Lianhao, wife of Chairman Liang, of Guangdong Futina Electrical.

Outstanding Supplier Recognition

Building dreams together, achieving success in unity.

The splendid achievements of Guangdong Futina Electrical today are inseparable from the staunch support and sincere cooperation of every supplier. The robust partnership is one of the key assurances that have propelled FUTINA's success against the odds.

Outstanding Supplier of the Year 2023


Guangdong Futina Electrical Vice General Manager, Liang Weijie, presented awards to representatives of trustworthy suppliers.

Raising our glasses for a shared toast, the event concluded with a group photo.

Thanks to all the family members who attended the 2023 Year-End Appreciation Dinner.

Grateful for your companionship over the past year.

See you all next year!


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