When selecting switch socket, do you feel that the ones on the market are all very similar? Today, switch socket manufacturers will tell you several aspects that you should not ignore when selecting high-quality switch socket. Although switch socket may seem to have no major differences, in fact, high-quality ones have many ingenious designs. Today futina will take you on a quick journey into the world of  several places where high-quality switche socket cannot be overlooked.

Look at the details of the small components of switch socket

Safety is the primary goal when designing switch socket. In household electrical use, safe electricity is the most important, and the seemingly small components of switch socket determine the overall quality and performance. The exterior structure of switch socket is made of high-quality PC material, and the frame base is integrated to ensure stable structure and no deformation. The internal design carefully polishes every detail from silver alloy contacts, wiring terminals, screw holes, and other aspects. Firstly, the silver alloy contacts use an extra large thick ball design, with high load-bearing capacity, stable performance, and long service life. The terminal surface is plated with an environmentally friendly blue and white zinc, which passes the salt spray test, is rust-proof, durable, and not easy to slip. The large wiring space design meets the needs of multi-stranded parallel wires. In addition, the patented anti-slip groove structure of screw holes effectively prevents screws from loosening during installation, making it easy to tighten screws quickly and firmly without deformation. Here we recommend you our product european wall switch.

Look at the aesthetics of switch socket

The design aesthetics of high-quality switch socket manufacturers are simple and beautiful, and they constantly strive to adapt to modern home styles. The switch and socket has a simple and square design, tribute to classic industrial style, showing product quality with a simple and atmospheric design, and displaying a stylish life attitude with classic design aesthetics. This breaks the static sense of a square plane, skillfully blending in, and is low-key but unique in personality, which is the finishing touch of the entire socket. At the same time, it offers three classic colors: elegant white, deep gray silver, and Sunday gold, which can match all current decorative styles and meet users' personalized needs.

Look at the practicality of switch socket

The switch socket at home is mainly used for charging appliances. During decoration, you must plan the quantity of switch socket in your home. In addition, each socket must be fully utilized. For places like the kitchen with more appliances, it is easy to have a shortage of sockets, where only one appliance can be plugged into one socket. switch socket manufacturers have fully considered the user pain points in their design, and launched two five-hole socket designs. One retains the classic regular five-hole structure with a pitch increased to 50.3mm, and the other uses a diagonal five-hole socket, where the two- and three-hole sockets are staggered and have a distance of 42mm between two sockets. Both can meet the needs of using two or three plugs at the same time, and users can choose the one they prefer.

To meet the growing demand for charging digital products such as mobile phones and tablets, a five-hole socket with dual USB ports has been launched. The USB interface supports multiple charging protocols, intelligently recognizes, and meets the charging needs of a variety of digital devices. Its high-current design provides efficient and fast charging to meet consumers' needs for quick charging. Focusing on the diversified needs of consumers, the switch socket manufacturer of Futina constantly explores more possibilities for switch socket, continuously improves safety performance and optimizes the power usage. Through innovative designs and strict craftsmanship, it ensures the quality and uniqueness of each switch and socket.

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