Features of Smart Sockets

  1. It can reduce the trouble of rewiring, quickly, simply and safely, and directly replace the original non intelligent socket.

  2. Enjoy a variety of different operation modes, and you can use a variety of different operations during remote control.

  3. Profile mode to control the lighting atmosphere at home at will. Smart phone control is in place in one step, and the scene changes instantly.

  4. One key all on and all off, you can freely combine lighting or smart home appliances. Realize a variety of different controls.

  5. Power failure self-locking. When the traditional socket is powered off, you must dial the socket to leave, otherwise it will cause waste when you call again. When the smart socket is powered off and then powered on, it will automatically switch to the off state. When the smart light switches and sockets are powered on again, the household appliances will be in the off state. Users do not have to worry about the switching state of household appliances.

  6. Delay closing function. For example, when you go out, you can set the door light to turn off automatically after 30 seconds, so as to avoid the dilemma of locking the door in the dark.

Benefits of Smart Sockets

  1. Humanization: due to the application of intelligent technology and the form of no electricity, the safety is fundamentally guaranteed, and the humanization of products is truly realized, which makes our life and work more comfortable and convenient, and better improves the quality of life.

  2. High intelligence: automatically identify whether the socket has load access and whether the load is working. Plug in the power socket to supply power automatically, and pull out the plug to disconnect automatically

In the realm of electrical socket manufacturers, Futian emerges as a trailblazer, revolutionizing the way we interact with our living spaces. As a pioneer in the industry, Futian specializes in crafting innovative smart switches and sockets that seamlessly blend technology with functionality, offering a plethora of benefits for modern homes.

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