Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) is a special current detection device. When a circuit fault occurs, it can promptly disconnect low voltage circuits carrying unbalanced currents to avoid safety hazards. Its main purpose is to protect individuals from electric shock injury or death.

Consider this scenario: in the absence of an RCCB, a person accidentally comes into contact with a live wire. This could result in a ground fault, which could lead to electrocution. Therefore, installing an RCCB is the most prudent safety measure.

Working Mechanism

The RCCB is able to quickly disconnect the main circuit within a fraction of a second, thus reducing the possibility of accidents. Its mechanism of operation is based on Kirchhoff’s current law, which states that the input and output currents in a circuit must be balanced. Any deviation from this balance implies a potential problem.

Types of RCCB

RCCBs come in two main types: 2-pole and 4-pole. The 2-pole variant is mainly used in single-phase power systems and consists of neutral and ribbon wires connected to their respective terminals.The RCCBs have a rotary switch that facilitates the activation of the RCCB.The rotary switch facilitates the activation and deactivation of the RCCBs, whereas the test button allows for a routine function check. On the other hand, four-pole RCCBs are suitable for three-phase power systems consisting of neutral and three-phase wires, all of which are connected to their terminals. This distinction constitutes the main difference between two types of RCCBs, which otherwise have similar principles of operation and functionality.

Futina's Market Advantages in Different Types of RCCB

Futina's leakage switches have a unique advantage in the market with a wide range of varieties and high quality. With strong Research and Develop strength, the company has launched a variety of leakage switch products applicable to different scenes and needs, which not only meet the diversified needs of consumers, but also win wide recognition in the market for their efficient, safe and stable performance.

The leakage switch in the Futina adopts advanced electronic technology and materials, with extremely high sensitivity and precision. It can detect the leakage phenomenon in the circuit in a very short time and quickly cut off the power supply, effectively avoiding the occurrence of electric shock accident. Meanwhile, it is well-designed with beautiful appearance, easy to install and use, providing users with excellent experience.

In addition, Futina focuses on product innovation and upgrading, and continuously develops new types of RCCB to meet consumers' changing market and upgrading needs. This spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence makes Futina Electric's earth leakage switches always maintain a leading position in the market.

To summarize, there are many types of RCCB with excellent performance in our Company. They have significant advantages in the market and are a trustworthy choice for consumers.

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