Under the impact of the domestic economic terrible environment and the repeated epidemic, the end-users market and the shops are facing various of uncertainties, which is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for FUTINA.

On March 25, Guangdong Futina Electrical Co.,ltd. broke through against the toughest trend and held the 2022 Domestic Distributors conference and Spring-Season New Product Release in the company's headquarters factory by the form of ""cloud"" video, which was wonderful and sucessful.

All the family members of dealers all over the country gathered together to meet with each other, and to have a visual fast for new products about wiring device and residual lighting in spring .

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Our president Mr.Xiqiang Liang , made an opening speech, expressed a warm welcome and greetings to the distributors who came to participate in this online live-show room, and delivered an important speech around the company's strategic development plan for the next five years.

Mr.Liang deeply stressed that the current economic situation is quite severe which was effected by the repeated epidemic, If FUTINA wants to break out from the situation, we should clear on the future strategic development direction, and attack accurately ,then reverse the situation!

In this regard, Mr. Liang made an in-depth analysis on the industry trend and market environment in combination with the actual situation of the company, and put forward the guiding ideology on how to achieve contrarian growth.

First, we need to hard work and practice internal skills,make ourselves to be strong enough, then we can overcome difficulties and meet challenges!

Second, we need to insisting on promoting new products, developing new customers and building new network is the foundation of strategic development!

Third, we need to establish a loyal dealer team to provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of the company in the future!

2022 is a new beginning and a new challenge for FUTINA. Only by joining hands can we overcome the difficulties and achieve win-win the future!

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Our Domestic sales director -Mr. Jianhui Liu,, introduced the overall marketing plan of FUTINA in 2022 and pointed out that in 2021, when the whole industry experienced the terrible environment ,such as : the repeated COVID-19, the shortage of chip supply, the sharp rise in material prices and the tight supply of products, but the FUTINA company still achieved remarkable results in growth.

2022 is the first year of the company's five-year strategic plan. The domestic marketing center takes ""take-off"" as the annual marketing keyword, puts forward the sustainable, stable, efficient and rapid development goals, and puts forward the strategic deployment of ""four Adherences"":

Adhere to the deep cultivation of hardware channels!

Adhere to terminal construction and do not relax!

Adhere on continuously improving the competitiveness of products!

Adhere to comprehensively improve the enterprise market aggressiveness!"

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Our R&D director,Mr. Yucong Chen decalred that the most innovative wiring device - A80 series will be launched into the market and opened to the dealers very soon. this product realizes the perfect combination between  the switches and sockets outlets, even the functional parts can be matched flexibly. The 4.8-inch oversized button design is adopted. and the most importance is that The product meets the latest national standards, and provides a variety of fashionable macron color options, which is colorful and personality.

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At the end of the grand conference, our company's goodies recommendation officers, made a comprehensive and in-depth introduction of the newly products in the spring of 2022 , and conducted on-site connection interaction with the distributors in the live-show. The on-site new product promotion is very interesting and attractive ,and we obtained many new orders in this conference.

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This domestic distributor conference and  spring-season new product release was a sucessful conference ,and this is a strategic plan made by Futina company based on industry trends and market changes. It is also an important step for the continuous development of the brand. Once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the distributors who came to the live-show meeting.

Finally, it is a hope that the deomestic partners can go hand in hand with Futina to meet the market challenges with a new attitude and jointly create the exclusive highlight future of Guangdong Futina electrical Co.,ltd."

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