Electrical appliances mainly get power from switches and sockets, so the frequency of use of switches and outlets is very high. However, improper selection, installation or use of switches and sockets can easily cause fire accidents. Today futina, one of the professional switch & socket manufacturers will take you on a quick journey into the world of main preventive measures for fire accidents in switch socket.

Several measures to prevent fire accidents caused by switches and sockets

(1) Correct selection. Choose suitable switches and sockets according to the total capacity of household appliances and specific usage environment. For places with high humidity, fireproof switches and pull switches should be used; indoor places with corrosive substances or large amounts of dust should not install switch socket, but should be installed outdoors; places with combustion or explosion hazards should use fireproof or explosion-proof switches and sockets.

(2) The fuse of the knife switch should be matched. It is not allowed to arbitrarily change especially to thicken the melting element, let alone use metal wires such as copper, aluminum, and iron instead of fuses.

(3) The rated current and voltage of switch socket should match the actual electricity consumption. Overloading should not be allowed to prevent the circuit from being overloaded and burning the plastic wood, causing a short circuit and causing a fire.

(4) Single-pole switches should control the fire (phase) wire and should not be connected to the zero wire. Otherwise, if the human body touches the heap wire, it will also cause an electric shock accident. Once the fire wire is grounded, a short circuit may occur, even causing a fire.

(5) Lamp sockets are prone to accidents when overloaded. Therefore, high-power appliances such as electric irons, electric stoves, and air conditioners should not be plugged into lamp sockets to prevent fires.

(6) When going out, sleeping or suddenly power outage, the power should be cut off in time, especially for electric heaters.

(7) Switch socket should be installed in dry, clean, and dust-free locations as much as possible to avoid dampness and corrosion, causing plastic wood breakdown, short circuit, and fire.

(8) Switches and sockets should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner after aging and damage. In daily life, take preventive measures to prevent fires and ensure the safe use of switches and outlets.

Notes on arranging switches and outlets in the home

After determining the quantity, it is to determine the installation location. The rules can generally be followed. For example, the switch of the luminaire is generally between 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters above the ground, and most people are used to using their right hand, so the switch is generally installed on the right side of the door. In addition to considering the quantity and location, the type of switch should also be considered. Double control switches are a wise choice for stairs up and down, bedroom doors and bedside, and both sides of the living room. If the switch is set at the entrance and bedside of the bedroom, it is convenient to control the indoor lighting when entering and sleeping. Consider some power outlet sockets with switches. Some electrical appliances consume a lot of electricity when in standby, but it may be inconvenient to plug and unplug them frequently. At this time, it is necessary to install sockets with switches and outlets, such as the plug of an electric rice cooker or electric kettle used in the cabinet countertop. Think ahead for long-term needs. For example, the shoe cabinet may install a shoe dryer in the future, and the toilet may be replaced with a smart toilet. Consider future needs as much as possible and set up some spare sockets. If there are children in the family, sockets with protective devices should be selected.

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