Choosing the right switch socket is not a small matter, but rather a careful one. Because if the selection of the socket or switch is incorrect, various electrical problems can arise, such as appliances frequently getting damaged, and the lifespan of the socket being shortened.

Misunderstandings in the selection of the switch socket

Although switch socket is only hardware device needed in decoration, it plays an important role, such as allowing us to use electrical appliances with peace of mind and giving us the ability to charge our laptops, phones,iPad, cameras, and more. However, many friends also fall into the following misunderstandings when selecting sockets. Today Futina switch will share this with you:

Only looking at the price

The prices of switch socket do vary, and the price differences between brands can be large. Some friends only pursue low prices, which leads to purchased sockets without quality assurance. Inferior sockets often cause accidents such as electric leakage and fires, resulting in losses.

Only looking at the appearance

Some friends, even when buying hardware accessories, always adhere to a "looks first" concept, and even switch socket is no exception. However, some so-called "high-quality appearance" sockets on the market have poor quality, and there are safety hazards such as shoddy switch electrocution and low-quality copper sheets.

Ignoring the protective door

With the increasing requirements of the country for socket production, regular national standard sockets now have protective doors. Their main function is to improve the safety of socket usage. However, some friends do not have this awareness of protective doors, so they are easily overlooked when selecting sockets.

Insufficient understanding of safe electricity use

There are also friends who fall into misunderstandings when selecting switch socket because their understanding of safe electricity use is too simple. For example, they think that sockets with the phrase "green and environmental" or "energy-saving" mentioned are safe.

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Solutions to broken buttons on the switch socket

Switch has control circuit buttons, and sockets with switch also has buttons. However, sometimes these buttons are easily damaged due to various reasons, which can then affect the normal use of these accessories. So, what should you do when the buttons on the switch or socket are broken?

Repair the button

If the button on the socket or switch is broken, it may be due to overload of the current, and it can be repaired using some tools. First, use a screwdriver or file to remove the panel of the switch or socket, then find the brown and red wires inside, solder the disconnected brown wire to the wiring end of the red wire, and then re-install the panel with the screw.

Replace the new switch socket

Alternatively, if you don't want to go through all this trouble, you can dispose of the socket with the broken button and replace it with a new one. After all, the price of switch socket is not very expensive. However, whether replacing a switch or a socket, the fixed replacement process is more troublesome than the mobile one. If you are not sure, it is best to let a professional electrician come to your home to replace it.

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