High Quality

Futina's manufacturing processes are carefully optimized from inception to implementation to ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards.

We have established a comprehensive research and development system, from R&D, manufacturing, purchasing to strict supervision, firmly committed to market needs and excellence in quality, striving to ensure the highest level of quality control and rigorous inspection. Quality is the driving force behind our progress.

Good Service

Under normal use, if the product has inventory problems or malfunctions during the warranty period, we will assume the greatest responsibility and take the necessary remedial measures in a timely manner, and we promise to repair the damage or refund the money. We will take measures such as replacement to ensure customer satisfaction.

We have more than 100 internationally certified products that comply with stringent standards such as CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV, Rosh and others. This reflects our strong commitment to quality and global recognition. From the beginning, we have prioritized customer service and are committed to meeting all customer service requirements. We strive to ensure high quality, efficient service and fast fulfillment and delivery of every order.

Social Responsibility

For more than 20 years, we have been committed to localized production, creating safer working environments, improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and making significant contributions to society.

We make a significant contribution to the promotion of a sustainable society by providing our customers with sustainable solutions that help them improve safety, efficiency and land management, while reducing the need for mechanical power and optimizing energy use.

Rich Products

Our factories are equipped with low-voltage electrical equipment designed for industrial applications. Our extensive product line includes a variety of circuit breakers (including MCB miniature circuit breakers, MCCB plastic circuit breakers and RCD residual current circuit breakers), remote controls, contactors, wires, timers, distribution boxes and other related components.

Our Advantages in China MCB Market

Our company has a clear advantage in the China MCB market. With advanced production process and strict quality control, we produce high quality MCB products, which are highly praised by the market.

Futina MCB are characterized by small size, easy installation and stable performance, and are suitable for a variety of electrical equipment and circuit systems. The efficient circuit breaker protection function can quickly cut off the power supply in case of emergency. Meanwhile, the company continues to introduce new miniature circuit breaker products to meet the ever-changing market and diversified customer needs.

In addition, Futina focuses on customer service, providing perfect pre-sales, sales and after-sales service to ensure that customers receive timely technical support and solutions in the process of use. This customer-centered service concept has won Futina a good reputation, and the MCBs have been widely recognized in the market.

To summarize, our MCB have excellent quality, performance and service, with significant advantages in China MCB market, and are a trustworthy choice for customers.

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