Ⅰ. The layout of the kitchen switch socket

1. Switch

(1) Necessary: lighting single control group.

(2) Optional: light strip under the cabinet.

2. Socket

It is better to configure more itches and outlets in the kitchen, generally at least 9 to 10. Of course, it is best to design several more. The layout of the kitchen outlet has the following considerations:

(1) Because kitchen sockets are often used, it is recommended to configure all sockets with switches.

(2) Most of the kitchen appliances are high-power appliances, requiring 2 to 3 circuits to avoid tripping.

Ⅱ. The bedroom switch socket layout

1. Switch

(1) Necessary: the main light has dual control or a group of three controls. It can be opened from the door and the head of the bed can be closed. Except for the master bedroom with three controls, other bedrooms can consider dual controls.

(2) Alternative: several groups of single control. Night lights, modeling lights, etc. If there is a wall lamp, the bedside control can be used, and the height can be slightly lower than that of the living room, about 1600mm.

2. Socket

A must. There are 1~2 switches and outlets on the bedside table, which can be used for mobile phone charging and desk lamps. The non-master bedroom can be one on the left and one on the left depending on the owner's situation. There are 3 points to note:

(1) The height of the socket must take into account the style of the owner's home. Different styles and furniture styles are required to ensure that the height of the socket is set above the bedside table.

(2) The width of the bed should be clarified during on-site positioning. There is often rework here. For example, the socket that was placed on the 1.5m bed at the beginning was changed to 1.8m later by the owner, and the switch and socket panel on one side would be blocked. In addition, it is necessary to pay extra attention to the fact that the width of the bed has a great relationship with the style of the bed. The bed with the edge of the bed will be wider than the ordinary one, and it is easy to block the bedside switch in the later stage. When we set the width value, we should remind the owner not to open the bed to buy.

(3) There should be at least 1~2 spare sockets on the opposite side of the bed, which can be connected to fans, chargers, etc. If there is also a desk and TV place, it needs to be arranged more.

Ⅲ. The balcony switch socket layout

1. Switch

(1) Required: the main light is controlled by one group.

(2) Optional: wall lamp, top modeling light source, induction lamp in the cabinet, etc.

2. Socket

(1) Necessary

For conventional washing machine quality switches and sockets, because there is a water source at the washing machine, it is recommended to use a moisture-proof socket with a height of 1300mm. If it is in the form of a laundry cabinet, the socket design is more appropriate in the cabinet, and the height is controlled at 500-600mm. When the water and electricity are revealed, we have to confirm with the foreman: whether it needs to be arranged into the water and electricity layout of the laundry cabinet. In addition, reserve a spare socket in other areas of the balcony, which can be used when ironing clothes.

(2) Alternative

A spare socket can be added to the upper part of the washing machine. At least 2 sockets are arranged on the balcony of the living room, which is convenient for adding leisure and entertainment facilities such as treadmills and coffee tables in the future. If it is a large living room and the Kung Fu coffee table is placed far from the wall, it is recommended to increase the ground plug.

Ⅳ. Bathroom switch socket layout

1. Switch

(1) Required: Integrated electrical module switch panel, 1300mm high.

(2) Optional: mirror light, about 1800mm high.

2. Socket

The bathroom is humid, and all switch sockets are recommended to have a moisture-proof style. One socket is reserved beside the bathroom cabinet for the hair dryer/towel drying rack, 1300mm high. One smart toilet socket, 300mm high.

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