In recent years, the trend towards "ultra-thinness" of switches and sockets has become increasingly apparent. Ultra-thin switches not only bring an improved experience to consumers, but also an important means for brands to demonstrate their technological strength, improve product competitiveness, and seize the high-end market.

However, ultra-thin switches are not simply pursuing "thinness" in terms of thickness, nor sacrificing other configurations in order to pursue the limits of thinness, turning "ultra-thin" into "thin". This not only has safety hazards, but is also cheap. The FUTINA A76 ultra-thin series switch has been deeply loved by customers since its launch, and its strength lies in the fact that while it is ultra-thin, the hardness and safety of the product are also significantly improved. Facts speak louder than words. Please see the actual test results and data.

Strictly select high-quality materials and have a sturdy body

Using superior materials ensures product quality.

The FUTINA A76 ultra-thin series switch uses a 1.2mm thick high-strength special cold-rolled steel plate, with a high hardness of HV260 or more, which is twice the hardness of ordinary steel frames (HV120).

The product's firmness and durability have been significantly improved, which is the most essential difference between a steel frame switch and a plastic frame switch.

In this seemingly simple material transformation, it is necessary to stabilize the combination of plastic and steel frame, realize smooth and non-sticky feeling when the switch is opened and closed, and involve complex mold process and material matching.


Anti-pressure and durable, not easily deformed

Ultra-thin, but strong enough!

Behind the extreme thinness is the technological strength that subverts tradition, and the steel frame backplate provides technical feasibility for the birth of ultra-thin switches.

However, when installing similar structured ultra-thin switches, if the strength of the steel frame is not enough, deformation will easily occur during installation, which will lead to poor stability and affect the use effect and service life of the switch.

The FUTINA A76 ultra-thin series switch steel frame is resistant to compression and durable, and does not fail even under a torque of 12kg. The steel frame deformation is much lower than that of similar products on the market.

The product not only has a perfect safety guarantee, but also adapts to more demanding installation environments.


Electrostatic spraying, rust and corrosion resistance

Good steel frame, but also improve the "surface" effort!

The steel frame surface of the FUTINA A76 ultra-thin series switch is treated with electrostatic powder coating process, and the surface of the steel frame is evenly covered with a tight and smooth coating, which not only has a special decorative effect, but also makes the corrosion resistance and anti-static properties of the steel frame itself significantly improved.

In the FUTINA CNAS laboratory, after the A76 ultra-thin series switch steel frame underwent 5% neutral salt spray test for 24 hours, there were no significant corrosion, blistering, cracking, or rust on the surface of the steel frame.


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