As people's living standards get higher and higher, the demand and requirements for electrical equipment at home are increasing, the required switches and sockets are also gradually increasing, and their applications are gradually diversifying, just like an open five-hole switch socket, no longer a simple switch control socket, but also to achieve independent control of the socket and switch.


So how do you wire these two forms if you want to implement them separately?
Here we take Futina's one open five holes (single and double control) as an example to explain the wiring method through graphic form.

Switch Control Lights

First of all, connect the fire wire (red) of the socket to the [L] end, tighten the screw, then connect the zero wire (blue) to the [N] end, and connect the ground wire (yellow-green) to the port with the ground symbol, tighten the screw. Then connect the light's fire wire (red) to the [L1 end], tighten the screw, and finally connect the zero wire (blue) to the [N] end, tighten the screw, and the wiring is complete.


Switch control socket

First of all, the socket fire wire (red) into the switch at the [L] end, and then [L1] end out of the line connected to the socket [L] end, tighten the screws, and then the zero wire (blue) into the [N] end, and finally the ground wire (yellow-green) into the port with the ground mark, tighten the screws, the wiring is complete. The following are two types of connection, different connections can open a control socket, but the control process is not the same, the above diagram of the results of the connection is the indication of constant light, the following diagram of the results of the connection is energized before the light!


One open five-hole double control switch socket

An open five-hole not only single-controlled also has a double-controlled switch, here are two an open five-hole double-controlled with an open multi-controlled switch to achieve three switches to control a light, the method can be used in the bedroom switch socket layout, a single double-controlled with two or three poles socket on each side of the bedside table, the door installed an open multi-controlled switch, compared to the bedside table on both sides of the distribution of the installation of switches and sockets will save some costs, its specific wiring method can Access according to the diagram. The specific wiring method can be accessed according to the diagram. It should be noted that the incoming wires must be accessed from one open five holes and then connected separately!


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