In home life, we usually use wall sockets or plug-in boards directly. Relatively speaking, floor sockets are rarely used in home life, mostly in large bay indoor places such as corporate offices, airports, shopping malls, etc. However, if you have the idea of installing a socket, but do not know how to choose how to install it, you might as well look at the following.

What is a ground socket?

The ground socket is a socket installed on the ground or similar places for connection with fixed wiring. It is usually used as the terminal and outlet of the ground wiring system to take out the power, signal and data in the ground wiring system. It is divided into general type and damping type, which are composed of bottom box and upper cover.

Installation of upper cover of ground socket

1. Clean up the site: first remove the protective cover on the steel bottom box, clean up the sundries around the installation hole, and ensure that the upper cover is in good contact with the ground after installation.

2. Anti corrosion treatment: decorative materials on the ground will produce pan alkali reaction when they are not dried. If the grounding socket is covered, strong corrosion will occur. Therefore, when the concrete around the opening of the ground socket is not completely dry, the upper cover cannot be installed. Before installing the upper cover, the opening shall be coated with anti-corrosion paint to avoid the upper cover corrosion caused by the pan alkali reaction.

3. Grounding: when installing the grounding socket, the connecting ground wire of the upper cover must be reliably connected with the bottom box. Futina also provides wiring devices for customers.

4. Fixing of upper cover: finally, screw down and fix the upper cover and bottom box with screws.

How to choose and buy grounding socket

The consumption of the ground socket is not as much as that of the ordinary switch socket, so the ground socket brands are not many and are not affected by counterfeiting. It is usually better to choose the spring-up all copper configuration for the household socket, and it is very important to pay special attention to its waterproof performance. Because the consumption is small, it's better to buy big brands rather than small brands

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