On March 29th, the "Dream-building Partnering and Collaborating for Success" -Futina Electrical's 2023 Supplier Conference was grandly held at the Futina headquarters.

Chairman Liang Xiqiang, Executive Vice President Liu Jianhui, Vice President Liang Weijie and other Futina executives attended the meeting, along with more than 80 supplier representatives from all over the country, gathering to seek new development patterns together.


CChairman Liang Xiqiang delivered the opening speech, in which he firstly expressed his gratitude to the supplier partners for their strong support to Futina over the years, especially for providing strong production and supply guarantees for Futina's counter-trend development during the pandemic.

Liang elaborated on the current development status and future planning of Futina, affirming the confidence of supplier partners in Futina's development.

He stated that facing the uncertainty of the future world, Futina will focus on the three main axes of "cost, quality, and delivery", gather high-quality supply chain forces, and build a new engine for counter-trend growth of the company.


(Chairman Liang Xiqiang)

Later, Vice President Liang Weijie shared his experiences at the Middle East Power Exhibition in early March.

He stated that the external situation is extremely unstable and China's manufacturing industry is facing enormous challenges. China's manufacturing competitiveness is not only weakened by constantly rising costs, but also faces huge international competition.

"Transformation and upgrading is the only way out," said Vice President Liang, adding that Futina is willing to innovate and strengthen deep cooperation with its suppliers, seize development opportunities together, and achieve collaborative success.


(Vice President Liang Weijie)

During the meeting, Purchasing Manager Liao Xiongbin reported on the supplier delivery and quality situation for 2022, and comprehensively promoted the standardized requirements for 2023 (quality, delivery, and service). Liao emphasized that "reducing costs and increasing efficiency" is the eternal theme for the high-quality development of enterprises, and three points must be done effectively: 

Firstly, strengthen cost control and promote refined management. Strengthen cost control for all staff, elements, and processes. 

Secondly, increase investment in technology and promote transformation and upgrading. Focus on scientific and technological progress and improve the physical quality of products. 

Thirdly, strengthen internal management and improve economic benefits. Standardize management and control risks.


(Purchasing Manager Liao Xiongbin)

During the meeting, Executive Vice President Liu Jianhui, Director of Manufacturing Center and Chief Engineer of R&D Department Chen Yucong, and Lighting Project Manager Xian Jiewen, respectively, had on-site exchanges and shared experiences with supplier partners, and then visited the Futina headquarters exhibition hall together after the meeting.


(Executive Vice President Liu Jianhui)


(Director of Manufacturing Center and Chief Engineer Chen Yucong)


(Lighting Project Manager Xian Jiewen)


(Showroom Visit)

Building dreams together, collaborating for success. With great expectations, the Futina Electric 2023 Supplier Conference came to a successful conclusion. We firmly believe that by working hand in hand with our suppliers, Futina will forge ahead, innovate together, adhere to high-quality and rapid development, and embark on a better future together!


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