Many people's bathrooms have poor air circulation, and some of them do not even have windows, which makes it difficult to effectively remove the stale air from the bathroom. However, using a home bathroom exhaust fan can solve the problem of insufficient ventilation in the bathroom. If you want to have a good bathroom environment, it is also necessary to install a bathroom exhaust fan.  Here, let's take a look at the installation method for a bathroom exhaust fan together.

The role of home bathroom exhaust fan

Many families nowadays install wall mounted bathroom exhaust fan. Using a bathroom ventilation exhaust fan can ensure the air circulation and keep the indoor air fresh. If the exhaust fan is not installed, the water splashed on the wall and mirror will not dry, and it will be difficult to remove the smell in the bathroom, which can make people uncomfortable. Installation of exhaust fans in the bathroom can effectively remove odors and restore a fresh and comfortable environment.

Installation method for home bathroom exhaust fans

  • The installation of the exhaust fan must be reliable and firm, and the distance between the exhaust fan and the ground should be more than 2.5 meters.

  • The distance between the exhaust fan and the roof must be more than 5 centimeters.

  • Remember not to install ceiling-type exhaust fans in places with a lot of oil smoke, dust, or high temperature sources.

  • Wall-mounted exhaust fans with fans can be used for ventilation and exhaust fumes.

  • When using a socket for power supply, the power cord of the home exhaust fan should be equipped with a plug that meets safety standards.

  • The yellow-green double line in the power cord of the exhaust fan must be grounded.

  • The power source for the exhaust fan should be a complete pole switch.

  • It is essential to avoid gas flowing back through open gas passages or other exhaust equipment channels.

  • Do not bend the pipes into a V-shape or a bell shape, which can obstruct air circulation.

  • An air vent must be installed in the room to ensure the intake of fresh air, and a check hole needs to be set at the ceiling. A vent other than a home exhaust fan must be installed in the room to allow fresh air to enter.

  • Do not pour water on the exhaust fan while it is running. When cleaning, the power must be cut off.

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